For reasons that are irrelevant to this article, I put a clothing rack in mclothing rack for organizingy living room last week. I put it there temporarily and I put it in what I thought was the least obtrusive place. The rack is tall and partially obstructs a window.

Stage 1: Completely annoyed

Once the rack was in place the (very minimal) loss of natural light and the blocking of the window itself bothered me. It bothered me so much I just stood there amazed at my annoyance. I talked myself down from the ledge remembering it was only going to be for 4-5 days.

Stage 2: What rack?

Now, its 4 days later and I don’t even notice the clothing rack.
How did this happen?
How did I go from being bothered to not even noticing in only a few days? Click To TweetMy house is pretty sparse, as you might imagine. We don’t have many superfluous objects. So the introduction of a new, large object makes a big difference. That I could get used to it so quickly is really surprising and makes me wonder what other clutter I’ve gotten used to around the house.
What else could be shifted to improve the feeling in each room?

New eyes

This is where it helps to bring in an objective eye.
An objective eye could be a photo lens. I use this trick often with clients. Take a wide picture of one wall in your home or office. Go into another room and look at the picture. You’ll be amazed at what objects jump out at you from that photo– even though you walk by those things every day!

An objective eye could be a good friend who has a gift for interior design. Ask them if they would come over to give you some ideas about what you could shift or replace or even get rid of to make a big difference in your room.
You can always hire an objective eye by bringing in a designer or even an organizer. (hint, hint)


get organized
If you love looking at pictures of beautiful interiors, it may help you to look at those for motivation here. See if you can find one element or system in the dreamy picture which you could incorporate in your room. Usually what’s different about picture in a magazine and a picture of our actual living space is the absence of clutter.

Take a look around your house. What is blocking your light? What has been blocking a pathway for far, FAR longer than you intended it to? A suitcase that isn’t unpacked yet? A box from something that came in the mail last month? Something you mean to give to someone but you keep forgetting?

Handle it

Take this opportunity to handle it. Take the stupid item to the car for your friend so you’ll HAVE it when you see them next time. Unpack the suitcase. Change the lightbulb.
Do you feel relief at the space you just reclaimed for the health of your home?

Tell me what you think. What are you struggling to declutter?
For some very tangible motivation, watch one of these:

videos from our #ClutterChallenge video series.

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