After asking lots of women just like you, I found 5 reasons they hadn’t hired a professional organizer yet. Which is your reason?

Which is your reason?

I am good at organizing.
I'm embarrassed.
It's expensive.
I'm afraid

I can’t afford it.

You say:

Decluttering my house is not a priority. Or,

I should be able to do this myself so I don’t want to spend money on it.


My answer:
Studies have proven that clutter at home stresses women out more than men. Just because your husband isn’t bothered, doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem.
Our mission is to help you feel better at home.
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It’s expensive.

My answer:
Professional organizers cost about as much as other home service specialists– plumbers, handymen, landscape artists, interior designers, electricians. A 3-hour session is only $270. Traditionally female jobs have been priced lower. But those days are over!

I’m embarrassed.

You say:

I don’t want you to see my drawer, closet, guest room.


My answer:
You are not alone! Think about this: Logically, you can’t be the only one with a crazy-messy house. It’s probably the scope of the mess that’s overwhelming you.

Are you really embarrassed about the stuff? Or are you embarrassed that you haven’t handled it? Organizers love to help and to make things better. Where you see a mess, we see an opportunity and a challenge.
Let us help you.

I can organize for myself.

You say:

I’m good at decluttering. I’m good at organizing. I like to organize.


My answer:
Lots of people are naturally organized. So…
What is holding you back from getting to this project? No time? Priorities? Physical impairment? These are valid reasons.
Do those reasons mean you and your family don’t deserve to have a calm environment now? Let us give you a jump-start.
People pay for a lot of services they are capable of doing on their own. Have you eaten out or ordered in recently — even though you can cook?
You see what I mean, right? It’s okay to give yourself a break.

I am scared to get rid of things.

You say:

The idea of letting go of useful things, things I’ve paid for, or my children’s baby stuff makes me feel uneasy.


My answer:
Working with a professional organizer means you will be able to keep everything you love and need. You are the boss of what leaves the house. The magic is, we can still give you more room to enjoy your treasures.

Important distinction about hoarding

If you feel uneasy in your body when you try to get rid of things, this may be a symptom of a hoarding disorder.

If you feel shame and serious guilt about your belongings or the way your home looks, (Do you find yourself giving long explanations for why you keep things or for not decluttering?) this is another sign of a hoarding problem. Please talk to a licensed behavioral therapist before calling a professional organizer.

Also note: Get Organized Already does not employ a therapist.

Thanks so much for reading. Did you find your reason?

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