You know I’m a sucker for cheesy music you can dance to. In fact, I’m going to admit right now, here on the internet, that…

the first cassette tape I ever bought

I often listen to 104.3myFM.
On their playlist: what I have dubbed Soccer-Mom-Rock. My own mother even likes it, such is the extent of its non-offensiveness, its non-punkness, its non-bad-assness.  Other parents my age are playing bands for their kids that I’m too vanilla to even remember the names of. I never liked all that yelling the first time around and was very happy listening to Wham!, Tears for Fears, and Cyndi Lauper.

Cut to 2012

My kids and I car-dance to whatever is on the Top 40. I appreciate the censorship and repetition that comes with radio listening because my kids are still in the single digits. They love repetition and don’t understand most of the words anyway. For example, Zane especially loves “Moves Black Tiger” by Maroon 5*. How cute is that?

Speaking of lyrics, sometimes we can actually understand them in pop songs. And it’s at those times I am in love with Taylor Swift. If ever there was a role-model for my beautiful talented daughter, Darla, she is it! She’s an entrepreneur, a CEO, she writes her own songs, plays an instrument above the level of a beginner, and she loves sparkles!
I really appreciate how younger generations of girls (and young women) do not try to hide their love of glitter and puffy hearts.
I remember loving those things but having a bit of embarrassment about it because in the 80s it seemed like to be taken seriously, you had to de-feminize yourself. Masculine traits were the good traits to have. I’m so happy that train has left the station and we can aaalllll wear pink to work everyday if we want to!

My beautiful, talented daughter

Darla is 7 years old now. She loves things that sparkle, yes. AND She can do a cartwheel on a 4″ balance beam. She can pull herself up a rope 50 feet. She has started a business called “Checked and Done” which helps women she knows with their chores and childcare. And, of course she is gorgeous–with thick, curly hair most of us would slap our mama for!

Girl Power tunes are the best tunes

I’m so glad there are girl power songs for us to listen to toghether.
Still, one of my concerns about raising a daughter is the lack of great love songs by men on the radio. Pop culture paints a very different picture of relationships these days.
Growing up in the 80s I heard Phil Collins and Lionel Richie sing to me with respect and longing in their words and voices. The songs I hear men singing today talk about 2 things: what they see women wearing, and what they will do to the us. umm... GROSS Click To Tweet

I know I sound old-fashioned but, where is the respect? Can men still sing about how to love someone?

Yay for Taylor Swift

I know no one is perfect and the day will surely come when Taylor will get a divorce and have a bad hair day. Still, I bet you dollars to donuts she will craft it into a song about her girlfriends and make millions. The girl is smart.

While her lyrics aren’t (usually) ground-breaking, they don’t represent girls as being dependent and whiny, or as being too cynical or boy-bashing. Just sing-along-and-bob-your-head kind of lyrics. And then today I heard her sing this, “People throw rocks at things that shine.”

Now, I don’t know if that is on an inspirational poster with a cat yet, or printed in a fortune cookie. But, it should be! It’s brilliant.

People throw rocks at things that shine. Yes. Yes, Taylor, they do.

And shiny as she is, if anyone ever wants to throw rocks at Darla, I’m betting that, among other things, your songs and my love will help her remember to stick out her chin, hold up her magic wand, and soldier on!

Turn it up, girlfriend.

This mom is a fan.


Please help me think of some boys and young men who sing respectful, modern love songs. Write them in the comments below.


Your thoughts please