What does a professional organizer do?

We help you get organized with any project, large or small, in your home.

Our service includes taking away any items you no longer need and donating them or disposing of them correctly.

Think of us as your really organized friend who comes over to help without complaining!

  • unpacking after a move
  • setting up or cleaning up home filing system
  • decluttering any area or storage space
  • kids’ rooms
  • garages
  • get ready for tax time
  • lots more

I don't have time! Can you just come handle it, please?

We have a 3 hour minimum for all organizing sessions. And, sometimes it happens that you can’t be around when we are unpacking your boxes; or organizing your closet, or another area. That is okay.

We can still help!

Please know WE NEED YOUR INPUT in order to meet your expectations. But we can use pictures, phones, and lists to convey those expectations.

It is best if you are present for our sessions. At a minimum, please plan to spend 10-15 minutes at the beginning and 30-60 minutes at the end with us (even if it’s a video call). 

We will talk more about your situation on a phone call. Hopefully, when we are done, you will have more time because your home will be more organized. 

Call now 323.230.0297 or click here to request a call from me, Nonnahs. 

How much does it cost?

professional organizers rate3 hour minimum per appointment. Pricing includes:

  • complimentary removal and donation of items
  • complimentary shredding for up to 10 pounds of paper each session
  • complimentary product suggestions and professional recommendations

All organizers are trained and insured. (and very friendly)

Monthly Organizing Sessions

For only $225 a month, you can have your favorite organizer visit once a month. That’s just often enough to keep things running and even handle special circumstances.
Specifically designed for people who feel disorganized most of the time or people who are suffering from serious overwhelm!


If you are motivated to do the hands-on organizing yourself, an organizer on our team will provide a unique action plan, complete with supply recommendations and detailed steps to take.

Gina is trained in interior design and can offer you a consultation in that field as well.

Our consultation rate is $100/hr with no minimum.

My husband thinks this is too expensive.

  1. We are cheaper than marriage counseling. (you could stop here…)
  2. Our rate is comparable to other contractors (plumbers, tile guys, a gardening team, etc.) BUT we are cleaner, and went to college.
  3. Do you really want cheap labor going through your tax files, prescription drugs, and underwear drawer?
  4. One 3 hour session costs about as much as a trip to Whole Foods for one family. (under $300)
  5. How much would he pay to enjoy his Saturday instead of organizing, driving to goodwill, hazardous waste, and the recycling station?

I'm afraid I will be the worst case you've seen. How embarrassing!

Our organizers are not interested in making you feel shame or embarrassment about your situation.

Yes, we have worked on some bad cases of clutter and neglect. But, we are here to help you and that will never include judgment or negativity.

The fine print.

As the owner of the company, my #1 priority is your happiness with our service. I will call you on the phone to get your feedback after the session, and I will fix anything you want fixed. This is a no-risk decision for you.

Our typical appointment is 4 hours long. All organizing sessions have a 3 hour minimum.

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept Paypal, Venmo, major credit cards, checks, and cash. Checks should be made out to Get Organized Already! inc. Returned checks will incur an additional fee. Organizers do not accept tips. They do accept baked goods and cheese!

Parking and supply costs are additional.

Travel fee of $25 applies to appointments over 15 miles from Eagle Rock or Seal Beach, CA.

The number of professional organizers you hire is completely up to you. Some people feel more comfortable working one on one. For many projects we will recommend involving 2 organizers in order to save you time and money.

48 hours notice is requested to cancel an appointment. Clients who cancel fewer than 24 hours prior to their appointment will be billed a cancellation fee equal to one hour of the organizing session.

So…. call me already and let’s do it!  323.230.0297  Nonnahs

What is the procedure?

Our services include any/all of these options:

  • Initial phone assessment of the project(s) Call today! 323.230.0297
  • Identifying your goals and expectations
  • Customized organizing plan
  • Hands-on decluttering and organization of space
  • New system suggestions
  • Supply recommendations
  • Removal of everything you don’t want in the house
  • Follow up appointments as requested

How long does it take?

Because we work by the hour, it’s important to prioritize each session. If left on our own, we move very quickly, carefully, and efficiently. 

How fast things progress depends primarily on how quickly you can make decisions about your stuff. An organizer will work together with you (sometimes on parallel mini-projects, sometimes on the same thing) to thin out, sort, re-purpose and generally organize your things.

Getting organized is a process and our visits are more like working with a personal trainer than a stressful one-time workout. Most clients have us back on a semi-regular basis to stay on track or to catch back up. 

I hate going through things and getting rid of my stuff.

This is exactly why an organizer is miraculous! We make the process so much faster and easier.

I promise you will keep everything you love and love everything you keep.

note: If it feels physically painful to you to let go of your things, you may have the hoarding disorder and be well served to seek a behavioral psychologist. Here is a good place to start: ADAA

What about my privacy?

All of our professional organizers are trained people of integrity. Our standards are high.

I will provide you with a written and freshly signed Non-Disclosure Agreement before we start any project. It goes against our principles to violate the gift of your trust. Per this NDA, we aren’t allowed to tell your neighbors, or our neighbors (or anyone else for that matter!) what we see or find at your house. 

For more warm-tummy assurance about trusting us please see the Code of Ethics on NAPO’s website. (NAPO is the National Association of Pro Organizers. I am an established member of this association.) Also, check out all of our testimonials here

We arrive in discreet cars and (unless we are organizing the garage in full view) the neighbors will have to try very hard to figure out who we are!