Last week I talked about Doing it all. Since we can’t actually do everything, how can you figure out what things are most important for you.

There is no cookie-cutter model for balancing work, family, and self. I think that’s because people have really different priorities. For some people, an organized house is not nearly as important as being successful in their career or traveling around the world. For others, having a place for everything and everything in its place is what keeps them sane. So for those people, an organize house is quite a high priority. (more…)

I warned you in the beginning of this series on chores: all kids are different and you will have to do some finagling to find the right system for your child. And that right system may change in a year. Still, it’s important to remember to stick to it. Remember when your baby was really a baby? Chances are they didn’t like one of these things: car seats, diaper changes, going to the pediatrician, nap time. But, you pushed through and these things became part of the routine. That will happen with new chores! It doesn’t take long. You can do it! Remember your motivation. (more…)

It’s hard to organize things for people who think about things differently than you. Your children and their toy clutter are no exception. Just because a kid popped out of your body doesn’t mean they can maintain an organizing system you designed. In fact, because you are their parent, they probably don’t want to even if they could! (more…)