Professional Organizer Serving Long Beach, CA

A caring, trained professional organizer will come, declutter, and tidy a specific area of your home with you.


Energetic cleansing is a natural result of physical decluttering.
get organized already, professional organizers

Our service is different.

Unlike the organizers on Netflix, we develop a relationship with you. Your organizer is like an organized best friend who is there to make your life  easier.
This isn’t about pinterest or instagram. This is about your life.

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Monthly Organizing Sessions

  • 90% of our clients prefer these regularly scheduled sessions
  • work with the same organizer every time
  • flexible scheduling
  • minimum 5 sessions
  • maximum 6 weeks between sessions
  • enjoy a considerable discount of about $60 off each session

Please visit our Monthly Organizing Services page for our rates and more information.
Or call now for a free phone assessment: 323.230.2097 

Organized Kitchen

  • thin out what you no longer need or use
  • organize what’s left, moving seldom used pieces to high or low shelves
  • uncover valuable counter space
  • tidy the drawers and cabinets

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, organizing the space has the power to change your entire life.

Organized Mail and Paperwork

  • our most popular service!
  • learn which files to keep and which to shred
  • recycle all junk mail and obsolete papers
  • update your filing system and file current papers
  • set up a system for incoming mail and paper
  • set up auto-pay, e-bills
  • help track your spending and budget (if desired)
  • prep for tax filing

Does not include financial or accounting advice.

Organized Living Area

  • rearrange furniture for optimal use (if requested)
  • thin out and organize toys or hobby items
  • break down and recycle empty boxes and packing materials
  • tidy the space to your taste
  • donate and discard any item you no longer want or need

Make your living spaces peaceful, comfortable spaces.

Organized Master Suite

Renew your master suite to renew your mind. We’ll turn your bedroom into a calm, clutter-free area for restful sleeping.

  • energetic cleansing through purposeful decluttering
  • thin out and organize all belongings
  • dispose of expired medicines and toiletries
  • uncover valuable counter space
  • tidy bedside tables

Organized Closets and Clothes

We have all changed what we are wearing since the pandemic. Even before that, most people only wore 20% of the clothes in their closet! Make getting dressed a pleasant experience.

  • keep only clothes you love and can’t wait to wear!
  • separate out wrong-sized clothes
  • organize hanging clothes and drawers
  • recommend closet storage solutions if needed
  • organize shoes and bags

Organized Kids' Room/Playroom

  • box outgrown clothes and shoes for donation
  • throw out broken, cheap toys and trinkets
  • general organization of toys and games
  • organize clean clothes

Children under 8 years old cannot be present for these sessions.

Hiring a professional organizer and declutterer will make your day-to-day life easier.

We remove all donations (that fit in our cars) from your home. Nothing will be donated until you approve it. 

We use temporary labels to let you know when items have been moved so you aren’t looking for things after we leave.

It's like a miracle!

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Get Organized Already, Long Beach! works with nice people in Long Beach, CA only. We do not organize garages, or storage areas.

Read more of the fine print on the FAQ page here.

Bob Villa from This Old House: “Here’s What Happens When You Hire a Professional Organizer”