So the other day I got a request from a NKH, a Japanese TV station, to let them tag along with me to a client’s house for an organizing session.

When you put your work on the internet weird things like that happen sometimes!

The station wanted to report on the popularity of Marie Kondo, Japanese organizing guru, in the USA. Luckily the lovely lady in this video, DeeDee, was amenable to the idea. She tolerated 5 extra people with cameras and microphones in her house for a few hours while her 3 kids were at school ON HER DAY OFF. That sacrifice right there tells you something about how much she wanted to get organized already.

The video shows the great progress we made together and yes, we did use the KonMari method.

In her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, Kondo instructs people to start with clothing and work their way through a list of ALL their belongings until they’ve assessed every item in the house. Wow! She advocates for this all-at-once system because once you've done it, you will not let your home get cluttered again. Not ever. Click To Tweet

I don’t know any of my busy clients who could hire my team to do their whole house over the course of a few weeks. And this not because of money, but because of time.

For this video, we had 3-4 hours and we got through all of DeeDee’s clothes. She kept everything that sparked joy for her and said thank you to things she let go. Her decisions were swift and easy and the results were remarkable.

An unexpected treat from this session was having the news crew get to experience a closet organization first-hand. They had never seen an organizer at work (most people haven’t) and they were fascinated and inspired. I felt a little bit like a hero, I can’t lie.

Mary, who you see for a minute removing things from the closet shelf, was our second organizer– also a hero! I recommend having 2 people for closet organizing because there is so much hands-on work to do: pre-sorting, folding, hanging, re-hanging, and carrying donations to the car.

behind the scenes
behind the scenes

Hope you enjoy the video, and please give us a call if you are inspired to impliment the KonMari method to Kondo your stuff! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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