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Seeking another awesome team member:

Professional Organizer = the perfect side job!

Do you love people? Do your friends always ask you to help them organize their stuff? Do you tidy your house when you procrastinate?

Then you may be the perfect addition to our team!

    Job Description Overview

    • 0-10 hours a week
    • Starting pay $26/hr. Increase to $28 after 24 hours of successful organizing 
    • Work in 3-6 hour shifts (lunch break on jobs over 4 hours)
    • Work at clients’ homes in Pasadena, Glendale, and NELA
    • Some heavy lifting and furniture moving
    • Often working in very dusty, cluttered conditions (DUH!)
    • Be available at predictable times from Mon-Sat 9-4 and rarely Sun (totally fine to have another PT job)
    • Possibility for promotion to head organizer after six months
    • 1099 position No insurance provided. No taxes withheld. No guaranteed hours.

    Job Description Details

    hyper local service

    We ONLY work with clients in or around Pasadena and NELA. To keep things running smoothly, all of our organizers live within 5 miles of the area.

    client interaction

    Patience and the ability to hold your tongue are imperative to this position.

    As an organizing assistant you won’t be expected to handle the psychological aspect of the client relationship. In fact basically, you will show up, shut up and organize stuff — some of it will be tedious. We have a lot of fun at work. Still, some situations call for simply being a calm presence.

    passion for details and order

    You gotta be OK with alphabetizing things for 3 hours, or wiping off dusty stuff to hand to the Head Organizer, or taking the time to make sure all the towels are folded the same way. Do you love that? Good. Keep reading.

    let it go

    For all of our love of order and perfection, we are often called on to set things up the way the client wants — not the way we want. So, you have to be able to manage your time to achieve the client’s goal, not to achieve perfection.

    You are a team player who knows when to go with the flow and can take direction even when you have a different aesthetic.


    You have a car. You can find client’s homes and show up on time, ready to work, in a different situation every time. You have a casual, yet professional wardrobe and sensible shoes. You are excited to learn new things and to help people.

    As important as these skills are to your landing this gig, equally important is your sense of humor and your relationship with the members of our team and with me, Nonnahs (the owner). Get Organized Already! has been serving NELA and Pasadena since 2010. 

    I’m excited to find women who really want to try professional organizing, but don’t necessarily want the headache of running their own company. It’s OK if you have your own organizing business. Maybe you are a specialist and we can incorporate that into our offerings. Maybe you are just starting out and want some practice. All fine.

    I run everything on google. So please be comfortable with the calendar, google drive, gmail, etc. or be willing to learn.

    things I want to know:

    • Your specific experience and your favorite ways to help people get organized.
    • What have you found that you do not like to do?
    • What is your availability?
    • When are you available for a 15 minute phone interview ASAP?
    • What is your current employment situation?
    • Why are you awesome to work with?
    Apply now!

    Click above or call me: 323.230.0297

    Please follow getorganizedalready on social media while you are at it!