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Professional Organizers

Look at these ladies. They are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.


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Gina smiling and working in a garage



    I’m here to make sure you are happy with our work.

    I will follow up with you personally to see how things are going and address any questions or concerns you have.

    This is a no-brainer for you.

    Call me, Nonnahs, at 323-230-0297 or click below.

    Our Team

    helps people of all ages, all personalities, with varied states of clutter and chaos.
    You can’t scare or overwhelm them. 

    Our Mission

    is to simplify your life and seriously reduce your clutter.

    Helping You

    excites all of us. We want you to be happier. Organizing is just a means to that end.


    • Just wanted to say one more time how amazing you are! I still smile walking into my garage.
      Debbi Swanson Patrick, Artist, Telling Images, Altadena
    • So fantastic! I’ve been struggling with health problems for a while and let my house go and they really were not only effective at helping us get our house organized, but so kind and empathetic too! I never felt judged for my house or the stuff in it! What a great experience!
      Sterling Ferguson, Pasadena
    • A color-coded organizational scheme that was so simple and easy my children aged 2 and 4 embraced it and now happily pick up their own toys. And did I mention that she de-cluttered.

      I was amazed. Not only did she fix the problem, it has stayed fixed. It’s amazing.

      Jessica G, journalist, Mt. Washington
    • I LOOOOOVEEEEE Get Organized Already. I have been using them for over a year for both my garage and office.

      They are professional and I don’t know how they do it, but they organized and decluttered my uninhabitable office within a couple of hours. They even take recycling and donations for you and email you the receipt!

      Suzanne S, Pasadena
    • Nonnahs, You have no idea how valuable you are to my mission in life.
      Bob Gillespie, Founder and Director of Population Communication, Pasadena
    • Wow, they were awesome.

      I bought a house from a woman whose family had been there 40 years. They left a garage full of stuff. Then of course I started piling my crap in there and the whole thing went to pot. I have all kinds of books and paraphernalia from my weird life that needs to get tossed out. Nonnahs showed up with a few people, I pointed over my shoulder and then walked back into my office.

      The trash pile was not the bag of horrors I was expecting. She didn’t try to get rid of my precious D&D books, for instance. It was all truly stuff I didn’t need. When she didn’t know, she’d walk by my office and I’d grunt “yeah” or “nah” and that was it. By 5pm I had the entirely of my floor space back, it was incredible. The remaining stuff was labeled (with dates so I’d know I was procrastinating) and neatly put away. Very, very happy with the results.

      Writing this review makes me think I should call her again for the office…

      Brian D, Los Angeles
    • Impressed is an understatement. Let me begin by saying we are renting a charming Craftsman in lovely South Pasadena. Everything is just picture perfect until you try to fit clothing into a “closet” built in 1909! Old timey folks had maybe 3 pair of shoes, 3 dresses and a pair of pants. Over the past year I have tried as I might to make good use of this closet. Frustration, denial and a forever closed door to HELL.

      I called Nonnahs and three days later, Michelle saved my closet.
      From the very beginning of her 3 hour visit she organized, stayed positive, cheerful and efficient.

      Michelle was a life-saver! I will sing her praises to anyone who may need help taking on any organizing project.

      Thanks again Michelle for all your help. I LOVE my new closet *even if it was made for a Smurf*

      Colette D, South Pasadena
    • We have hired GOA at least four times — to do our kitchen, our garage, our daughter’s room, and to pack us up for a move. Each time we wonder why we don’t have a monthly standing appointment. It sounds expensive before they come, but then when they leave, it seems like it was the best deal ever. It is nothing short of incredible what the GOA team can get done in a few hours. We had been poking away at organizing our garage for years — spending a few hours here and there, taking loads to the Goodwill and piling other items in stacks labelled “to sell” or “donate to special place” or “e-waste.” We finally broke down and called GOA.
      In ONE afternoon, it was done. All those complicated decisions were made quickly and easily, and we didn’t feel rushed or pressured in any way. Nor did we spend any money buying stuff at the Container Store. We just used what we already had. Now we have a tidy and open space which makes us happy!
      Katy K
    • Nonnahs and the GOA team are just about everything you would want in an organizing team: professional with a great sense of humor. They are clear and articulate about their process of decluttering and organizing what you want to keep. And just like she says in her video, they’re FUN. I always have a good time and learn a lot working with Nonnahs and her team.

      Deron B, Culver City
    • You are amazing. I am still feeling much calmer than I was before and I owe it to you! I so appreciate your honesty and work ethic. It is wonderful.
      Dr. Cynde Herman, Ph.D., MBA, MS.Ed, Monrovia
    • I was feeling so helpless when it came to getting organized. Paperwork, junk mail, drawers overflowing with “stuff” and closets that were way too full. I found Nonnahs on Yelp! and called right away. Just setting up a meeting with her made me feel like a weight had been lifted. After one day I felt like she had helped me tremendously! I had systems in place and didn’t feel as overwhelmed. i was so excited that I had her come back the next week to work on some more rooms. I couldn’t be happier with the investment. She and her assistant are on task, professional and really help you stay focused and achieve what you set out to. I’ll be using her again in the future for storage areas and moving! Such a good find. I HIGHLY recommend her.
      Doxy T
    • Nonnahs is wonderful. She’s been helping me once a month for the past few years and thanks to her I discovered some serious errors with my school loans that were huge blemishes on my credit report, and I was able to get the errors fixed before we bought our new house. She is also incredibly kind, patient, and non-judgmental, and there have been a couple of times that I’ve cried in front of her out of frustration (while trying to fix the school loan errors) and yet didn’t feel weird or embarassed. She has a very calming presence and is really a joy to work with no matter how much I hate hate hate dealing with paperwork. I don’t think I could’ve tolerated the organization process with anybody else.
      Mehera H, Altadena
    • I was very impressed watching Nonnahs, a petite woman in a fitted jean skirt, climbing up to load and unload trucks at the estate sale. She never seemed frazzled by the amount of work she was doing or by the amount of people flooding into the house. Her main purpose was to quickly and efficiently empty the house and that she did. This house was filled with stuff, collections.
      I was stressed by the job but was so glad Nonnahs could handle all that work. I wish I could keep her by my side every day, to keep me constantly organized. Instead I follow her on Instagram and have learned little tricks along the way. I am a long way from organized but Nonnahs is helping me get there!
      Grace L, Los Angeles
    • Hi Nonnahs! I am very happy with our garage clean-out. It is organized and tidy. I have so much room now! Gina and her assistant were wonderful to work with. I never could have done the job on my own. I also appreciated that they took all the donations away. Thank you very much!
      Jan Bessenger, Pasadena
    • Thanks so much to you and Michelle and Kim for getting my garage in order. I am so thrilled with the work you did, I would never have done it on my own. I was amazed at how fast it went. You are really efficient!
      Joyce, Whittier
    • Nonnahs is one of a kind. She is creative, enthusiastic and nonjudgmental. I love reading her blog and her Instagram posts as she is always coming up with unique perspectives and suggestions on how small things can make a big difference. I have several friends who have used her services in overwhelming situations and they have raved about her. She inspired me to have my children, ages 6 and 7, begin to put away their own laundry. My other favorite post was about evaluating how many towels a family really needs. She helps me to look at what I have in a whole new light. She’s a doll and I’m grateful that I have her in my life!
      Jessica M, La Cañada
    • Ahhhhhh! I feel so light! I hired Get Organized Already to come organize my scary closet. With clothes ranging from mid 80’s all the way up to the height of pregnancy and back down again PLUS all the hats, belts, gloves, shoes, bathrobes, and the coats I completely forgot I had. Not to mention I’m a bit of a textile junkie and those bolts of fabric had to go somewhere, right? Needless to say this was a sore spot in my house and one I had been avoiding… for years… but Nonnahs came over and it was done in 3 hours flat. Like pulling off a Band-aid but having your friend do it when you least expect it. It was actually kind of fun. And then she actually makes the “no pile” and all the plastic and old hangers and rubbish disappear. Magic!

      I love looking at my closet so much with all the matching hangers and perfect spaces between each garment, I can’t stop opening the door and looking in there. It’s like my closet just lost 30 pounds and had a really good facelift. Love, love it. I hiring GOA to tackle my kitchen next.

      JP, Los Angeles
    • Denise and Beate are great! From the very first visit they’ve been friendly and patient with me. They definitely understand the attachment/ sentimental mentality.
      They listened to my long list of goals and “ideally what would happen here” and kept that in mind for me as we moved through the space. The great thing is, even if you don’t have a lot to throw out (donate) they can help you re-organize the space, since they’re coming at it with fresh eyes, they can see better/ more efficient possibilities. They’ve been such a big help! Also the fact that they take away everything that needs to be donated, electronically recycled, even paint (!) is just the icing on the organized cake!
      Julia, Monterey Park
    • I had two scary closets that haunted me for years. Nonnahs helped me make them two functioning spaces! She worked alongside me, took bags to the trash, collected unwanted stuff and toted them to her car to be given away or recycled. Her direction and clarity on the project made it an enjoyable and satisfying experience. She’ll make you deal with your stuff and go through it! She’s awesome!
    • They take a no-nonsense approach to helping you get organized. They are patient, efficient, and give direction gently, yet boldly! You will feel incredible when they walks away from the job with bags full of trash, recyclables, and donations.
      Kathleen McLaughlin, photographer, KLM photo, South Pasadena
    • This was SUCH a great experience. Nonnahs came to “organize” my office and in the process, she gave it shape. She helped me figure out what I really needed to use the space for and incorporated pieces of furniture I already had. Afterword, she told me exactly what I needed to do to have a pleasant, functional space. It is so nice to walk into that room to do my bills, or work on a craft project. SO glad I got organized! Now I want to do the rest of my house it’s contagious!
      Lisa, Los Angeles
    • Nonnahs was so organized in getting our kitchen organized. She showed up early with an assistant, ready to go! We had a lot of work to do. She was not pushy in any way, except when gently needed, and handled every crazy thing we pulled out of our cabinets like a pro, and promised to provide a good home for the stuff that left ours. She brought some storage options for the zillions of spices, powders and various “ingredients” we need to find space for, extra shelfy things, lazy susans, all while staying within my budget. She labeled everything for us. I feel that she has really given us the tools to make our home a better and more productive place.
      Lois K, Studio City
    • The session went really well. Janice was efficient and relaxed, and offered some simple yet game-changing ideas. I was able to see new possibilities about my space, which I felt pretty pessimistic about before.
      Lu, Valencia
    • I was very pleased with Janice and Wenona’s organizational sense, professionalism and sensitivity. And they are nice people. They were both extremely helpful. They greatly reduced the level of anxiety I was experiencing while implementing a very difficult transition for my mother. One can’t overstate the importance of being made to feel comfortable working for several hours with complete strangers on a challenging task in a close space. I have already recommended your service to friends in Pasadena.
      Mark A, Pasadena
    • We asked Get Organized Already to do something about the chaotic state of our kitchen. We took off one weekend day and had them come in while we were away. When we came back, they had reorganized everything in ways I never would have thought of, but that in retrospect were entirely logical, straightforward, and that have withstood the test of time.

      A very positive experience. Nonnahs is extremely pleasant to work with. She’s straightforward, sincere, and she comes up with some great ideas. We plan on using them again soon to sort out our garage. Looking forward to it.

      Mark Windsor, Attorney at Law, Pasadena
    • “This is more than just organizing of your stuff, it is organizing for the soul! She really gets to the heart of why we all have clutter. I wasn’t expecting to learn so much about myself in the process of organization, but I am so grateful that I did. My attitude about things is more in-line now with my values and priorities. Every time we have a session, I feel lighter in both “”stuff”” and spirit. It’s not easy, but the results are worth the journey. On a lighter note, I love that Nonnahs will find places to reuse, recycle and reinvent what I don’t want. Makes it easier to let go when you don’t have to feel so guilty about throwing things out.”

    • Nonnahs clearly made my life’s most exciting and daunting transition possible. While I was very excited to learn that I got a job in Washington D.C. when I lived in Pasadena, I had 5 weeks to get there. I had to decide what to take, what to sell, what to donate, what to trash. I had to get my townhouse ready for sale. I am a quilter and crafter, so I had lots of inventory and supplies. I am an art lover, so I had lots of stuff that I just like to look at. Nonnahs has organizing a moving sale down to a science, has excellent resources for charity donations, and most importantly, has the ability to do the necessary nudging when you have moments of feeling paralyzed because it feels like there is so much to do that it will never get done. Well, it did. I could not have done it without her.
      Naren, Laguna Woods
    • Nonnahs and her crew are amazing. In just a few hours they literally transformed our living room! Even my change-averse husband loved it.
      Pamela Allen, Mt. Washington
    • The clean up went great. The ladies helped out so much. I couldn’t believe how much stuff we were able to get rid of. Gina guided me with the what was donatable vs. trashing I can actually walk in the garage now..
      RR, Highland Park
    • Michelle was fantastic. Super helpful and I feel so much better about the boys’ room. She was so cute with my little one and she was just the kind of help that I needed. One of the best things about your service (besides your great employees) is that you guys actually take stuff away for me! So nice to just have the stuff GONE and not create an errand to the Goodwill. That is super helpful.
      Sara, Pasadena
    • I called Nonnahs back to organize the kitchen and again she was great! The shelves are organized and I have so much more space and NO junk drawer! I had three junk drawers to begin with. IN fact, I have 2 empty drawers in the kitchen due to all the space-saving organizing that Nonnahs did. She will be my go-to person for any major organizing project. Thanks again for the great job!
      Sarah L
    • I highly recommend Nonnahs at Get Organized Already for any job, big or small. I hired her as a Christmas present for my husband to clean out and organize our beast of a garage. Not only did she and her efficient assistant do so quickly and cheaply, she probably also saved my marriage! Reorganizing is not just about cleaning; there’s an emotional attachment to “stuff” that many people have that is hard to alter. Nonnahs has a quiet and sweet way of making this happen without pain. We also MADE money on the deal! She helped us sell a few bulky pieces that were just collecting dust. I’ve already referred a few friends to her and have heard nothing but praise. So just do it! Get organized already! You deserve it.
      Wendy E, Highland Park
    • I had a garage full of junk and was dreading the idea of organizing and sorting through all of it. There was so much stuff and I knew that I would need help ( not just a helping hand but someone who was really orderly) I turned to yelp and found Nonnahs who is completely amazing. In a little over three hours, Nonnahs and her crew were able to clear out my garage so I could actually park my mini van in it! I wasn’t much help because I was busy doing other errands but she made the process very easy. She even posted stuff on craigslist for me and took some items to hazardous waste and goodwill and recycle. I am so happy with her business and plan to be calling her again soon. Call her– she’s totally worth it!
      Sarah L
    • Nonnahs sent Janice and Jamison to assist us in cleaning our our garage, and also going through 2 rooms of boxed .They were absolutely professional and amazing. They knew how to move the project along while keeping us calm at the same time. That was quite a task, and over 2 days they transformed our garage and home. We will use them over and over again!
      Scott & Yvonne, Pasadena
    • Janice–you are amazing!!! I can’t believe how fast and efficient you are. Your work has given me such a sense of contentment. I am improving my relationship with my house–haha! I look forward to our next project.
      Sheila, South Pasadena
    • I used a professional organizer for the first time this year and was really impressed by Nonnah and her team. Great customer service, friendly and very efficient. Gina and her assistant spent 2 sessions at our house over 2 days. They did a great job organizing the garage and guest room. They took away all the extra items for donation and emailed me receipts for tax purposes. I did not have to worry about anything and was so grateful to have an organized space.
      SWWC, Pasadena
    • I have been working with Get Organized Already once a week for a few months getting every room, nook and cranny in our house organized and I love it! They make what seems like an impossible task doable. I would never have been able to get rid of so much clutter and reorganize without their help. I know because I’ve tried for years. Finally, we are almost to a clutter-free house which is a great feeling.
      Trisha, Hollywood
    • All I can say is “Wow.” Nonnahs and her team exceeded my expectations in every way. They re-organized two closets for me in about three hours. They hauled away everything I didn’t want or need, leaving me with nothing but peace of mind. I will definitely hire her again!….S. Tully, So. Pasadena
      Sheila, South Padadena
    • I am a Personal Chief of Staff in Southern and Northern California. Part of my job is to find the best solutions to my clients’ problems, and one of the tasks was in organizing the home and downtown office for a particularly brilliant and successful client. A visual person, with a mind like a steel trap. Also a collector of ideas and information who would never throw anything away.

      Well, after 5 frustrating years of going through 4 professional organizers who fell far short of the task, I was just about ready to give up. In frustration one day I happen to come across Get Organized Already. Wow, was my problem solved.

      I am writing this review after working with them for more than two years. Nonnahs understands my client light years beyond what the other organizers possibly could. There is so much more to organization than just knowing how to file things away, and she has the patience and interest to learn how the mind of her clients work to create a system that they can then work with.

      You might ask why we are still working together after two years… Well, this particular project will always be ongoing; it is a work in progress which is what my client desires. Nonnahs is efficient and gets the job done in lightning fast fashion, so don’t worry that she will drag a project out. She won’t.

      Also, I want to point out that she has been dependable and excellent over the two years. And in the staff that I hire, consistency and professionalism is key.

      Todd B
    • I am an artist. (That’s supposed to give you an idea of my lack of organization.) I was never shunned for being myself by the Get Organized Already people, I was just encouraged, and taught. I also can’t afford to be one of those people who has an organizer come regularly, so I paid attention. Having an organizer come and help you personally is so much different and better than trying to pick up some tips from a TV show or blog. Like I said, they treated me like an individual, which I am. The GOA team seemed to leave a little of their energy behind because the few areas they touched have now turned into a few more rooms that I feel proud of that I did all by myself… sure it took 20 times as long, but hey. I shall ask for another visit for Christmas or something. 🙂
      Mikie B.
    • I can’t really add much more to what others have said here. However, with the energy and drive of ten people, only two come to your house to do what you always said you’d do ‘one of these days.’ I usually book them for two hour stretches and, within those two hours, suddenly my house feels lighter and there’s more air inside because they’ve forced me to sit and sift through all the flotsam and jetsam in my life. Or bedroom closet. Or hallway closet. Or yarn stash. You get the picture. They even take all the donations for Goodwill or a resale store for you. If the latter, you might get a check in the mail when the clothes sell, if the former, a receipt for your donation. And, above all, they are delightful and positive about the experience. Good bargain all around.
      Elizabeth H, Pasadena
    • Denise is great! Talented and good company. Such a relief to have someone know how to organize from kitchen cabinets to room arranging. The best! Thanks GOA

      Charlyn d’Aconia, Pasadena
    • I’ve been working with Raleigh. I think she’s fantastic! I think she’s just the perfect person to be doing this job. She loves her job. She is TOTALLY organized… What a compassionate soul. You’ve got yourself a great employee!
      Julie Robin, Altadena
    • Michelle and Metta were absolutely incredible and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the service.
      Sam Vinal, Glassell Park
    • Lisa is amazing. Not only is she a great organizer, hard worker, but a really nice person who I’ve had the honor to meet. She got me situated during a very tough moment in my life and I’m eternally grateful.
      Christine Van Pelt, Glendale
    • What a productive day! You not only made a big dent, but gave me badly needed direction on where to go next. the best part is how I feel a little lighter each time something goes into the trunk of your car headed out for donation. free! so thank you so much!
      Pam Meyer, Hollywood
    • my overwhelm disappeared when michelle offered me a plan. get these boxes, start with this room, do one thing at a time. then take a break. 
      now i hear her cheering me on as i complete each 
      drawer – my packing up a life therapist!!
      she was also a great resource for where to send off the loved but unused treasures.
      so grateful.
      S.S., Pasadena
    • So grateful to you [Michelle] for our session yesterday. I feel motivated but also calm – really needed your gentle guidance.

      Sarah, Pasadena