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“Organizers aren’t here to make your life perfect. We are here to make your life easier.”

Monthly Organizing Sessions

You have a gardener, a cleaning service, and monthly beauty treatments.

Wouldn’t it be luxurious to have a professional organizer helping you get your home dialed once a month?

For less than what you spend on a week’s worth of groceries for your family, you can have regular, ongoing organizing appointments with Get Organized Already!

Having the same, lovely organizer come to help each month will make a large impact on how you feel in your home every day. Knowing things will get done on a specific day frees you up to enjoy the rest of the month!

Having the same, lovely organizer come to help each month will change how you feel in your home every day.
Call or text us any time if you forget where something is or how an item was handled.
Call 323-230-0297

Single Project

For help with a single organizing project, call 323-230-0297

Here’s to you for reaching out for help with your home!

Now, let’s talk specifics on the phone. You can request a call here, or call me yourself anytime from 9 to 7.

I look forward to hearing your story. I personally answer all customer service calls and guarantee you will love this plan.


Drowning in Paper

Many people choose to tackle bills and paperwork at their monthly sessions. It’s our #1 request. But, you can spend your sessions on any projects you choose. You will appreciate having extra eyes on the running of your home. It’s like once a month an organized friend comes over to work some productivity magic with you.

Ideas for monthly organizing sessions:

  • Pay bills, set up auto payments
  • Make tedious phone calls to banks, insurance companies, etc.
  • Categorize misc receipts; balance the budget
  • Organize and tidy high traffic areas in your home
  • Decorate and prepare for guests or holidays
  • Declutter the refrigerator or other specific spaces
  • Research and plan for long term projects or trips
  • Set goals and have accountability in keeping them
  • Keep toys and clothes at a manageable level
  • Change filters, light-bulbs, batteries
  • Process and mail online returns
  • Prepare for a move/ downsize slowly

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