Janet Taylor’s podcast “Got Clutter? Get Organized” w Nonnahs Driskill

Podcast “Got Clutter? Get Organized” June 26, 2022 Janet M. Taylor interviews Nonnahs Driskill Men losing their keys is a popular stereotype for a reason!  While it’s true women also lose things and can be disorganized, it does seem to be a more prevalent problem with the males of our species. And as I tell [...]

How to Organize My Small, Small Business

Basic starting points for organizing your small, small business so you can grow it slowly and without doing everything yourself.

Black, Pandemic Sweatpants

Wondering why I end up wearing ugly, pandemic clothes when I have a closet full of other things which make me feel better.

How to Organize Your RV

Got a new motorhome? Here’s how to pack it!

Getting Back to Life (sort of) with Batching

Grouping similar tasks will help your post-pandemic productivity.

Trying Our Best

Why can’t my husband find his keys?

Two kitchen organizing tricks to make cooking easier

At our book club meeting last week my friend, Monette, got all giggly and excited to show me a recent kitchen organizing swap she did in her cabinets.

3 ways a professional organizer can make your move easier

After years of helping make our clients’ moves easier, this summer I got to provide this service to my very own family.

Must-Have Apps for 2021: Getting Organized

In 2018, it was projected there would be around 264 billion app downloads.

Captain America does my laundry: 5 tips for your Honey Do List

Living with another adult in no way entitles you to control how they spend their free time. Sad, but true.

Professional organizer says, if you have kids do this first!

Do you ever look at your home full of clutter and feel overwhelmed? Sometimes even one room can seem like too much to think about. Do you wonder how to get started?

12 FREE ideas to change your safer-at-home life

“I’m sooooo sick of every single thing in this %&*$# house.”   “I am doing the VERY SAME THING EVERY SINGLE DAY WITHOUT A CHANGE OF SCENERY!!”

A home office filled with light and energy

As soon as I walked into this lovely woman’s unconventional office space I loved it.

Organizing inspiration for lazy people

“I get overwhelmed with the size of a project and that makes me paralyzed to start.”

The best downsizing advice I’ve found (from Peter Walsh)

Like a good Aussie, Peter Walsh tells it like it is.

What do I do with my mom’s stuff after she dies?

I’m so sorry you’ve lost your mom. This is some general advice and a basic game plan for going through your mom’s belongings.

How to get your bathroom in order without buying anything new

With all the time you’re spending in your home these days, you’ve likely noticed that there are plenty of items lying around you hardly use, or food that’s gone bad but is still in the back of your fridge.

Organizing Sarah’s kitchen: Before and After

When I first came over to help Sarah organize in her home she was anxious about it. She didn’t know what to expect hiring a professional organizer.