How to get your bathroom in order without buying anything new

With all the time you’re spending in your home these days, you’ve likely noticed that there are plenty of items lying around you hardly use, or food that’s gone bad but is still in the back of your fridge.

Organize the living room

Organizing the living room is an important part of feeling relaxed at home. Yes, there are rooms you probably spend more time in than your living room. But in most homes, the main activity in the living room is relaxing.

Landing pad – Launch pad clutter

Let’s talk about the landing pad / launch pad near the door. It gets disorganized so easily! Even organized people ask me about this space. What do you do with all of the different bags and totes for different purposes? How do you keep the kids from dumping their backpacks and sports stuff here?

Avoid this common mistake when sorting paperwork

Today I worked with a lady to organize aaaalllll the mail which had accumulated throughout her house. Here’s what she had to say about sorting paperwork, We’ve went on vacation for ten days and I came home to a tornado of paper! Right before we left I had to pull out the kids’ immunization records. […]

Why won’t my kids pick up their toys?

If your house is like mine, toys are everywhere — even the bathroom. They multiply like rabbits! Do you find yourself wondering (or yelling) why don’t my kids pick up their toys?! I have a few ideas why…

What is your clutter comfort level?

Losing clutter is analogous to losing weight. Being organized is a lot like being in shape. And though everyone is unique, most people tend to fit in to one of these three clutter comfort levels. Which of the following weight loss analogies best describes your clutter?

The most important step in organizing a kid’s room

Toby was a kindergartener with a very messy room. He was so excited after his room re-do he started labeling the bins himself the next day! Scroll down to see an old video from 2010 of Nonnahs working in Toby’s room with his parents while he was at school one day.

Want a better sex life? Declutter these 5 things from your bedroom (maybe 6 things)

Newsweek magazine* estimates that 15 to 20 percent of couples are in a sexless relationship. Say WHAT? Researching statistics for this article was pretty depressing. Americans today are having less [sex] than Americans a decade ago. (Archives of sexual behavior) Why would this be? 

5 truths and 3 lies about professional organizing from “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”

Marie Kondo is a professional organizer. She gets paid to help people throw away their excess clutter and organize what they keep in their homes. Before January 1st when her Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” dropped, many people didn’t know this was a profession. I’m so grateful to the show for exposing you […]

Kids and laundry are a match made in heaven!

The best thing I ever delegated to my kids was their own laundry. Never have I ever been reading a book or laughing at instagram videos and thought. “Shucks! I wish I could do the kids’ laundry for them again! This free-time I have now is really a drag.” Never.

Meal planning for your family

Ever since people started inviting me into their homes to organize their messy drawers and garages, their crazy piles of paper and dirty clothes, I’ve realized something: If all of y’all could see what is in your neighbors homes, you wouldn’t be so hard on yourselves!

Only lazy people need to hire an organizer

I’ve been a professional organizer for many years. Often people who are naturally organized ask me incredulously, “What do you do for people? Why can’t they throw away their own trash?” When you are born with the desire and ability to keep things in order, it’s easy to see other people’s disorder as a character […]

Drop the extra weight to get ready for a move

My father was in the US Air Force for 20 years! That’s a long time. During his career our family moved every 3 years or more. We are all good at moving now, that’s for sure! In some ways a military move is easier than a civilian move. But in most ways, it’s exactly the […]

3 new ideas for organizing Tupperware

I wish someone had told me when I was a kid that being an adult would involve fighting with Tupperware. I wouldn’t have been so anxious to grow up! I could’ve propped my feet up and enjoyed those afternoons at the pool even more if I only knew what I was putting off by staying […]

You’re too rich to hoard that!

This parable about a raft can show us a lot about why we hold on to clutter. “A person traveling along a path came to a great expanse of water. As she stood on the shore, she realized there were dangers and discomforts all about. But the other shore appeared safe and inviting. The person […]

Not-so-extreme Home Makeover: Organized people need help, too

I could watch Fixer-Upper on HGTV aaaalll day. I mean all day! Couldn’t you? It’s so fun to see a space go from neglected to stunning, especially when you don’t have to do the heavy lifting yourself!

A professional organizer’s backyard mess: The cobbler’s children

I may be a professional organizer, but most of the time my backyard looks like “Sanford and Son”. Everyone has a room–a catch-all, an embarrassment. For me it’s our lack of garage and resulting junk-heaps of old lumber, paint cans, and debris in the backyard.

After you organize your desk

There’s nothing more helpful than organizing your desk to make you feel more productive and creative. But sometimes just organizing your desk (the top of it) still doesn’t make your office feel tidy enough to focus and concentrate.

Organize your spices on a (tight) budget

Because they are small containers of different shapes, spices can get to be a big mess in a hurry. If you are suffering from spice avalanche when you try to find the dried mustard powder, never fear! This video has some good ideas to stop that madness and help you organize your spices.

The Clutter Challenge video series is free and easy

Did you make any resolutions this year? I did not. I hate making resolutions because the process of choosing them stresses me out. How about you? Do you think of something you don’t like about your life and change it? To me THAT is a lot of pressure.

Declutter these things in your kitchen now to make holiday cooking easier

If you get more excited to cook than to clean and organize your kitchen, you are not alone! Are you itching to make some pumpkin spiced goodness ASAP? Do you get so happy thinking about decorating Christmas cookies that your sleigh bells start jingling?

4 questions to help you declutter

Why is it so so much easier for me to throw things away when you are here? I hear that a lot! And so do the other organizers on our team. There are a few reasons people may be more likely to let go of clutter when a professional organizer is around. Which do you […]

Doing it all; Home care ideas from a professional organizer

Last week I talked about Doing it all. Since we can’t actually do everything, how can you figure out what things are most important for you. There is no cookie-cutter model for balancing work, family, and self. I think that’s because people have really different priorities. For some people, an organized house is not nearly […]

Doing it all

So much has been said and written about life-work-family balance, it seems like we’d be done talking by now. Still, there are houses to run, careers to have, and children to feed. In that respect we will always be talking about doing it all — about life balance, also known by it’s not-so-loaded name: time […]

How to organize under the kitchen sink

When someone first asked me, in a serious tone, how do you recommend I organize under the kitchen sink? I thought to myself, When did my life get so glamorous? I mean really! Next I’ll find myself at a party discussing mildew stain removal. But, then I thought, “WWMD?” (What would Martha do?)

What was that thing… I can’t remember

When was the last time you forgot something important? And not just your wallet, I’m talking about forgetting your responsibilities or forgetting an idea. All of those brilliant ideas you have exploding in your brain. You think, “Oh, that is good. I’m going to do that as soon as…”

Get Organized Already! named one of the best organizers in Los Angeles

Most women I know don’t give themselves enough credit. In fact, ladies seem to play Deflect the Compliment better than we play Candy Crush Saga! I’m so proud of my company and the ladies who make it great. We are a team; it’s true. Still, I have put the team together and pushed the team […]

How to better organize clothes

  Public Service Announcement: This video is for people whose organizing skills are intermediate to advanced. If you hate folding clothes and putting things away in general, don’t watch this video! Click on Closet organizing ideas instead. If you look forward to tidying up; and if you like to organize clothes, keep reading. This article is […]

Professional organizing tips from the field

When the Get Organized Already team is out working around Glendale and Pasadena we often learn organizing tips from our clients. Not everyone who calls us for help is completely disorganized. In fact I think everyone is organized in some way.

Silly bathroom organization ideas

My house has a teeny, tiny bathroom with no storage. The bathroom in this video is like a fancy hotel with heated towel racks. But just because you don’t have gold inlay tiles and a bidet, that doesn’t mean you can’t use my bathroom organization tips.

“New Order” by Fay Wolf

Nearly every time our team arrives to organize someone’s home, we find a how-to organizing book. Surprise! Humans are a little obsessed with putting things in order–even if that order is a sort of organized chaos.

Cleaning the dishwasher–Is that a thing?

My mom is the best! Last year when Jeff and I went away for a few days she came and watched my 2 kids and 2 new kittens who may or may not have been totally litter-trained at that point. This is not why she’s the best, though. (I mean who doesn’t love grandkids and […]

Dishwasher tips from a professional organizer

How many times to you come into the kitchen to cook and it is overrun with dirty dishes because the dishwasher is full and no one has unloaded it? Maybe it’s not that your housemates are stubborn, lazy pigs who don’t care about your feelings. Maybe they didn’t have time in the middle of their […]

KonMari my kitchen

KonMari Proposition I am writing an article for Paste Magazine’s food section on KonMari-ing kitchens. (I have done my own) …and I wanted to get a quote from a KonMari expert /an organizing expert for my story… If you wanted to, you could even assess my kitchen as part of the story and point out […]

Resolution: time, money, and donuts

Time, like money, is exactly what you make of it. If I remain oblivious to how long things actually take and let my days pound me like waves while I paddle to stay above water, it will never feel like I have any power over my time.

Time to get real with your new year’s resolution

Think back on this year that’s ending. What if your next 5 years play out pretty much the same way–your job, your free time, your relationships? Does that projection make you feel glad or sad? Excited or scared?

3 ways you are hi-jacking your home organization efforts

There are generally three reasons your home organization attempts fail. Number 1: You have low-priority items in prime real-estate spots. Number 2: Your system is over-complicated. Number 3: You are lazy.

Team Room makeover at Vernon Lee Amateur Gymnastics Academy, Pasadena

Objectives: *better organize the Team Room to include a study area, private changing area, and more cubbies *more cubbies will allow our Vernon Lee gymnastics team to grow *(secret objective - to make the room pretty and sparkly) before and after Process: We removed the cubbies all together and purchased used lockers which were then sprayed with silver [...]

Ellen gets organized with the KonMari method

Even the beloved Ellen Degeneres is talking about Marie Kondo’s book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up“. As Ellen points out in the video above, Kondo, or KonMari as she calls herself and her organizing method, does say some things in her book that make you giggle or at least roll your eyes and […]

The KonMari method of organizing in the USA

So the other day I got a request from a NKH, a Japanese TV station, to let them tag along with me to a client’s house for an organizing session. When you put your work on the internet weird things like that happen sometimes!

How to organize a meal swap

I’ve finished my workday, picked up the chickens from school and now I’ve got to take my daughter to gymnastics. I have tennis practice while she’s at the gym. My husband is just going to get home from work in time to be hungry. What’s for dinner? they ask. How about a martini? I answer […]

How to be a thank-you note hero: use Touchnote

My son just turned ten and for his birthday he got a lot of gifts from relatives in the mail. Now, we have been through many occasions together, my son and I — enough for me to know that him writing thank-you notes is not going to happen.

Green Organizing made easy with reuse, recycle and sharing websites

We all do what we can to be more eco-friendly. Whether it’s using our our own mug at the local coffee shop, bringing canvas bags to the grocery store or making a conscious effort to only buy local foods. Unfortunately, the earth-conscious option doesn’t always seem to be the most affordable. Take heart! We’ve found a […]

Chores for kids pt 5: 8 Great tips for parents

I warned you in the beginning of this series on chores: all kids are different and you will have to do some finagling to find the right system for your child. And that right system may change in a year. Still, it’s important to remember to stick to it. Remember when your baby was really […]

Chores for kids pt. 3: The subtle arts of persuasion and bribery

Looking around the kitchen I see a big, fat mess! And it’s my turn to clean it up tonight. I don’t even know where to start. There’s a sink full of dirty dishes, splattered oil all over the stove, crumbs on the floor. The dishwasher hasn’t been emptied because of a schedule mix-up.

Chores for kids pt. 1: How to answer “BUT MOM! WHYYYY?!”

Spring is on it’s way and change is in the air. What better way to spice things up at home than to add some chores to your children’s days? This 5-part blog series will help you start assigning chores for kids if you haven’t already and help you up your chore game if you have.

Imperfect (and sneaky) ideas for Christmas decorating on a budget

Ever since I saw the movie “Elf” I’ve been wanting to make a million paper chains to decorate the house like Buddy did (haven’t you?). And every year I don’t get around to it. The holidays are like that: plans of perfection and the desire for dreaminess; lots of hopes and visions of a movie-worthy […]

How to encourage your kids to be organized

Some children love organizing. They’ll color code their homework and put their books in alphabetical order. Other children, well, not so much. They’re more likely to think their room is clean if the mess is contained by the walls of their room instead of strewn all over the house. Still, the more you show your […]

Organize toys by helping your kids let things go

A few years ago I sat down with my kids to go through our bookshelf and decide which of their books they’d like to pass down to their younger cousins. We didn’t need to get rid of any so I gave them complete authority over which books could be given away.

Get organized for a low-stress Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner can be a wonderful time to celebrate with friends and family, but being the one to host it all can be incredibly stressful. From planning the meal, to cooking the big bird, to storing dozens of different side dishes in your space-challenged refrigerator, there’s a lot to keep in mind.

How to organize a kids’ clothing swap

Just as we wrap up back-to-school shopping, the seasons change again. But shopping for winter clothes for your kids doesn’t have to break the bank. This year, skip shopping altogether and organize a kids’ clothing swap with friends, neighbors and the parents of your children’s classmates.

Charcoal and tampons: shopping with a list

How many times have you said these words: I can’t get out of Target without spending a hundred dollars. I just can’t! You’re not alone. I’ve heard many people say those words. If dropping a couple hundred bucks on Made-in-China household-goods-you-may-already-have-at-home troubles you, read on. There is hope!

How to organize kids’ school paperwork

Every school day brings the same scenario: the kids come home with a stack of school paperwork: notifications, permission slips, awards, art projects — the pile just keeps on growing. So what’s a mom to do? Here are some tips to help you manage and organize your kids’ school paperwork.

4 Saboteurs of kitchen organization

Every summer my parents take my family on a trip during which time my kids get to watch annoying kids’ shows on TV and we all get to eat junk food way more than we usually do. We swim all day and play tennis and badminton in the evening before settling in to our ice […]

Organizing with limits in the kitchen

When it comes to organizing in the kitchen –or in any space the biggest problem is having too much of one thing or another. This is especially a problem when organizing in the kitchen. Here are 3 easy ways to set limits for yourself in the kitchen, so you don’t get carried away keeping more […]

Take a day off.

Sometimes it feels like everyone I talk to is competing for World’s Busiest Person! And I admit, some days I feel like I’ve been thrown into the ring myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love a title, especially if it comes with a crown! But, being too busy isn’t really winning.

How to organize your photos with Cari Dawson

In this very informative video, Nonnahs interviews Cari Dawson of Cari’s Custom Organizing about organizing digital and paper photos. Cari is a certified photo organizer. Wow! So helpful. How do you stay on top of your photos to keep them organized?

(Organized) Moving Services for Pasadena and NE Los Angeles

Summer is moving season and my phone is ringing off the hook! Get Organized AlreadyTM specializes in making this stressful time a little less harried and maybe even fun. We love helping people move. So bringing that positive energy into your house has got to be good for something! Right?

The first step to getting organized (it’s surprising)

Staying on top of the trash situation in your living area is the first, most important step to getting organized. Don’t believe it is that easy? Well think about the organized homes you’ve seen. Do they have trash laying around? Have you ever seen an over-stuffed trash bin in “Martha Stewart Living”? So, see. I […]

This is real-ly awesome

I’m blaming it all on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. With their song “Thrift Shop” playing on every station every five minutes for the past few months, my heretofore ignorant-of-bad-words children have turned into little cuss monitors.

organizing memories: getting sentimental vs getting organized

For most people, just getting the pictures, letters, an other memorabilia into a container in the garage is organized enough. For anyone interested in a way to further sort your memories for easier future access–writing a memoir anyone?–listen up. Take out the various and sundry items you have kept for sentimental reasons.

Garage Organization: Take it Outside!

I think I’ll always remember 2013 as the year of the great-garage-organizing-push. Holy moly! My team and I have done 14 this year and it’s just now February! I’ll bet you are thinking to yourself, Good gravy, Nonnahs! I don’t even want to organize one garage. Why would you do 14 in a month? To which […]

Help! There’s a ceiling fan on my dining room table!

There really is. There’s a mattress in my living room, propped up against the couch. There’s a filing cabinet out on my front porch and a rug rolled up against the wall of my bedroom. It’s all-out-MAYHEM! And it is making me mental.

Professional Organizers Training and Gettin’ Crazy!

The mind reels when you start to imagine what a couple hundred organizers would talk about when they all got together. Doesn’t it? Post-it notes! Folding fitted sheets! Labelling spices! Stop it. I’m getting dizzy with excitement!

How to Conquer Clutter: 3 tips for reducing clutter in your house

Thanks to Don Andrues, a realtor here in Pasadena, for having me as an expert on his “Instant Home Tips” series. This short little video contains three of my top suggestions for conquering clutter.

User-friendly organizing book to try

The Declutter Workbook I was checking out this book with Ashley Stanfield, a colleague of mine, at our last NAPO meeting. (NAPO=National Association of Professional Organizers) We both thought it was great. So great that she took it home to put it to use in her own life.

Organize your drawers to your comfort level

Don’t get me wrong, it is VERY important to organize your drawers. (After all, I don’t want anyone revoking my NAPO* status!) When it comes to your clothes it is imperative to know what you have and to wear it–to actually put on the clothes in your drawers.

Organizing a linen closet in 15 minutes

The division of labor debate is one of the most common problems running through every live-together relationship I have ever come across. How do couple and multiple roommates decide: Who does the dishes? Who cleans the refrigerator? Who pays the bills? Who schedules social activities for the house?

Organizing in the cloud

Because I’m married to a techie I am constantly being forwarded another “rad article” from They are usually full of HTML and PQRS. BUT… Because of said articles (and said techie husband) I have all of my documents backed up on, all of my photos backed up via google instant upload, and all […]

Pasadena / Altadena: Professional Organizer talks about living simply

Saturday, April 21 at 1:30pm @ Hastings Library  3325 East Orange Grove Boulevard Pasadena, CA 91107 In celebration of Spring and Earth Day and all things lovely– Get Organized Already will be hosting a free presentation on How to Live More Simply with Your Family.

Saving money at dinner time

Did you have a special red plate in your home growing up? The You-Are-Special-Today plate was marketed in the late 80s by Hallmark as a great way to honor someone at meal time.  Only on days like birthdays, or the day report cards came home did the red plate come out for dinner.  It was […]

Cleaning up the Christmas crap

I sit here in my newly un-decorated living room with mixed emotions. I’m happy because it’s over. The tree can’t stay up forever. I mean, what would people say if a professional organizer left the wreath on the door and the lights on the roof until March?

Shop Locally for Christmas: Grow Kid Grow in Silverlake

If you still have kids on your list to shop for and you live in east LA or near about, please check out Grow Kid Grow on Sunset near Fountain. It’s a re-sale boutique for kids’ clothes and shoes and costumes and accessories. They have some new toys and some new designer clothes as well.

Holiday Organizing: A letter to my people

Friends of Get Organized Already, I’m looking forward to some down time this holiday season.  You, too want to have a peaceful end of the year I’m sure.  Here are a few (unsolicited, but still awesome) tips from me for keeping your party season calm:

That time I was on Hoarders on A&E

When we arrived at the house in the morning, there was a woman sitting in a folding chair waiting out front. She looked like any other woman in town. There was absolutely nothing extraordinary about her appearance — nothing to indicate she had any sort of disorder.  It turned out, of course, that was Bonnie, the […]

Toy clutter is making me mental!

It’s hard to organize things for people who think about things differently than you. Your children and their toy clutter are no exception. Just because a kid popped out of your body doesn’t mean they can maintain an organizing system you designed. In fact, because you are their parent, they probably don’t want to even […]

Less stuff = More happiness. Really?

Oh great! Another article telling you how having less stuff will make all of your troubles disappear. RIIIIIiiiiight. Sure it will. Actually, I’m not going to tell you very much today because I know you have a lot on your plate. You have a lot of troubles and they are NOT all going to disappear […]