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Organizing Too Many Toys

If toys are taking over your child’s room. The best solution is to thin them out with or without their help (according to their age).

 When your children are transitioning from preschool dependency to being able to choose their own clothes, dress themselves, and put away their own toys, it’s very important to store the things they need at their level. 

Andy was five when his mom called in Get Organized Already to help transition his bedroom from a toddler’s room into a more age-appropriate space. The 3 minute before-and-after video of the transformation has a few ideas you may not have considered for your growing kid. 

2 organizers. 3 hours. 1 happy mom and 1 happy kid!

Toy organizing tips from the video

Music by Ingrid Michaelson “The Way I Am”

Move any storage items to areas they cannot reach and keep the floor and low drawers and containers available for everyday things.

Be honest with yourself about broken toys (you’ll never fix them) and things they’ve outgrown (but you still love because they remind you of your babies). Get those out of the kids’ space so they can PLAY, play, pLaY!

Remember, fewer toys mean less to clean up, which is the most important step to organize a kids room

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Here’s a good article from Unclutterer on ways to store young children’s toys.