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Is your home ready for an epic decluttering spree?
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Downsize and Declutter

Are you (or your parents) moving into a smaller home? Or are you just ready for a major declutter? 

We have years of experience decluttering and organizing with people of all ages and in various states of disarray. Our process is efficient and gentle. You’ll work with the same organizer every time. They get to know you — your home and your preferences — and work with you to optimize your space.

Through Life Changes

  • A family member moving out
  • You are moving 
  • Getting ready for baby
  • A need to simplify
  • Physical limitations

Helping Your Parents

Our professional organizers will be a kind, objective presence to help your loved ones downsize and declutter.

Serving Pasadena, Glendale, and Long Beach, CA

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We Are Here to Help

I look forward to hearing your story. I personally answer all customer service calls and guarantee you will love our service.

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Sincerely, Nonnahs

A Comprehensive Guide to Downsizing Your Home from This Old House is a good guide if you are interested in tackling the process on your own.