get organized already, professional organizers

Does your house feel like a hot mess?

You’re in the right place! This clutter challenge is a month-long video series where I go through the house with you while we declutter most, if not all, of your problem areas.


It’s true I’m a professional organizer and my house is already tidy. Don’t worry about that! All that means is that I have years and years of experience working with people who aren’t organized for one reason or another. In these videos I offer up ideas and suggestions for you to try or to ignore. ! In life I prefer to hang out with people who aren’t very organized. When I think about my best friends, they are spontaneous, creative, more relaxed than I am, and they will probably live longer because of it. Right? Most ladies I know and love, don’t prioritize decluttering as much as they think they should. Maybe this is you. Maybe to you, organizing just isn’t much fun. You know it is probably a good idea, but you have more important things to do! AMIRIGHT?

How does this challenge work?

Everyday in January, 2018 another video will be published (on yout tube) in the clutter challenge. In these videos we’ll organize for about 20 minutes at a time. Of course you can go at your own pace and jump around if you’d like. Please subscribe to our you tube channel so you have access to all of the clutter challenge videos.

Not for perfectionists!

I’m not going to stand in my barbie dream house and just tell you what to do. I’m going to organize and declutter right along with you. We aren’t going to alphabetize the spices, or color-code the files. We are going to do simple things to help you feel better about your home. Experience shows that people feel better when they accomplish hard things. We also feel better with less clutter. Let’s start feeling better. Okay?



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A total of 31 videos to follow along while you declutter your house in about 20 minutes a day. These videos are meant to be playing WHILE you work as the ultimate form of inspiration and encouragement. Nonnahs keeps it light and gives great professional advice for people who don’t feel very organized.

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get organized already, professional organizers

Refresh your home one day at a time.