31 days. Your ENTIRE house. NO clutter left behind! 

Each video in the Clutter Challenge is about 20 minutes long. But with these handy printables, you can go at your own pace.

What are the cheatsheets?

They are cliffnotes for the video series. One page of tips and step-by-step instructions for each day of the challenge.

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Day 1 Cheatsheet – Junk Mail and Packaging: After Amazon has trashed your house


Day 2 Cheatsheet – Master Closet- Hanging Tops: Marie Kondo says, “Start with your tops”


Day 3 Cheatsheet – Master Closet- Skirts, Pants, Dresses, and whatever else is hanging in the closet


Day 4 Cheatsheet – Shoes. Because if you thin them out, you can buy more! 


Day 5 Cheatsheet – Dresser-Folded Clothes: It’s okay not to fold them. But let’s get them off the floor. 


Day 6 Cheatsheet – Declutter Your Bedroom: How to keep your bedside table neat 


Day 7 Cheatsheet – Entry and Front Door: Includes an easy tip for keeping your landing pad less cluttered 


Day 8 Cheatsheet – Purse and Wallet: Does your purse weigh more than your dog? Let’s talk. 


Day 9 Cheatsheet – Pantry: Find out how to keep your pantry organized 


Day 10 Cheatsheet – Kitchen- Countertops: Stretegy for cleaning up a hot mess in the kitchen 


Day 11 Cheatsheet – Kitchen- Water Bottles, Travel Mugs, Bags: Includes links to purchase great bags 


Day 12 Cheatsheet -Refrigerator: Did your ketchup expire in the Bush administration? 


Day 13 Cheatsheet – Kitchen- Plates and Glassware: You have too many coffee mugs.   


Day 14 Cheatsheet – Command Center: Me, convincing you to use a digital calendar 


Day 15 Cheatsheet – Kitchen- Tupperware: Stop the avalanche today! 


Day 16 Cheatsheet – Living Room- Coffee Table, Couch: Rethinking your bric-a-brac 


Day 17 Cheatsheet – Living Room- Toys or Hobby Clutter: How to live with too many toys in the living room 


Day 18 Cheatsheet – DVDs CDs: Where can you sell your Pearl Jam CDs? 


Day 19 Cheatsheet – Books: Read my lips, “Too many books.” 


Day 20 Cheatsheet – Office- Desktop: The luxury of a clutter-free desk awaits 


Day 21 Cheatsheet – Office- files: I hate filing. Don’t you? 


Day 22 Cheatsheet – Office- Office Supplies: This desk drawer is full of WHAT?! 


Day 23 Cheatsheet – Bathroom- Meds and Toiletries: When your bathroom looks like a drug store 


Day 24 Cheatsheet – Cleaning Supplies: How to stop buying so many products 


Day 25 Cheatsheet – Kids’ Clothes: How to organize kids’ clothes without buying anything 


Day 26 Cheatsheet – Toys in Kids’ Room: A lazy parent’s guide 


Day 27 Cheatsheet – Games and Magazines: Steps to declutter these two big categories 


Day 28 Cheatsheet – Hall/Coat Closet: Ideas for creating more shelf space in the closet 


Day 29 Cheatsheet – Junk Drawer: I don’t even want to OPEN my junk drawer! 


Day 30 Cheatsheet – Linen Closet: Holy sheet! 


Day 31 Cheatsheet – Pep Talk: Uncovering your dream home

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What’s the benefit of using cheatsheets?

They are a supplement to the free videos. Cheatsheets let you take your time and geek out as much as you want. Go crazy with the label maker! Watch out! 


Get an overview of what we’re doing and skip the areas you don’t want to do.

My only request is that you don’t compare yourself to anyone else’s home–not your neighbor, not your perfect sister, and CERTAINLY not Instagram!

You are decluttering your home for you.

Take before and after photos to give yourself a big sense of accomplishment. Post them in the Clutter Challenge facebook group if you are feeling brave! I’d love to see your progress and cheer you on.

When I had a cheatsheet I could focus better or something. I dunno. But, it helped! -Lisa (testing the #ClutterChallnege in Montana)

Videos are great and easy to watch. But, if you prefer to have something concrete in your hand to guide you along– these one-page cheatsheets are just what you need!