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When I had a cheat sheet I could focus better. Maybe it was seeing the steps in writing? I’m not sure. But, it helped!

-Lisa doing the challenge in MT

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Set of 31 Cheatsheets – Now only $49!

What are the cheat sheets?

They are cliff notes for the #ClutterChallenge video series. One page of tips and step-by-step instructions for each day of the challenge.

Live, online links to helpful organizing resources, products, and other videos included.

Why buy the cheat sheets?

Videos are great and easy to watch. But, if you prefer to have something concrete in your hand to guide you along– these one-page cheat sheets are just what you need!

Cheat sheets will give you an overview of what we’re doing and let you easily skip the areas you don’t want to do.

What is the benefit of using cheat sheets?

Cheat sheets allow you to take your time and geek out as much as you want. Go crazy with the label maker! Wahoo!

Each video in the Clutter Challenge is about 20 minutes long. But with these handy printables, you can go at your own pace.

The cheat sheets can be viewed on your tablet or phone and include live, online links to organizing resources, products, and videos.

Buy Individual Cheatsheets

Day 1: Junk Mail and Packaging
Day 2 - Master Closet: Hanging Tops
Day 3 - Master Closet: Skirts, Pants, and Dresses
Day 4 - Master Closet: Shoes!
Day 5 - Dresser: Folded Clothes
Day 6: Declutter Your Bedroom
Day 7: Front Entryway
Day 8: Wallet and Purse
Day 9: Pantry
Day 10 Kitchen: Countertops
Day 11 - Kitchen: Water bottles, Travel Mugs, Bags
Day 12- Kitchen: Fridge
Day 13 - Kitchen: Plates and Glasses
Day 14 - Kitchen: Command Center
Day 15- Kitchen: Tupperware and Storage Containers
Day 16- Living Room: Coffee Table and Couch
Day 17 - Living Room: Toys and Hobby Clutter
Day 18: DVDs and CDs
Day 19: Books
Day 20 - Office: Desktop
Day 21- Office: Files
Day 22- Office: Supplies
Day 23 - Bathroom: Medicine and Toiletries
Day 24: Cleaning Supplies
Day 25 - Kid's Room: Clothes
Day 26 - Kid's Room: Toys
Day 27: Magazines and Games
Day 28: Hall Closet
Day 29: Junk Drawer
Day 30: Linen Closet
Day 31: Pep Talk

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