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For about what you spend on a week’s worth of groceries for your family, you can have a regular, monthly appointment with a professional organizer.

People are busy. You are busy. You need some extra help in the house and some encouragement when it comes to those stinky tasks you do to keep your life running. Organizers aren't here to make your life perfect. We are here to make your life easier. Click To Tweet

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A regular appointment with a professional you trust means you will be free to spend the other days of the month doing things you actually enjoy instead of sorting through bills or the stuff in your garage. You end up feeling more relaxed all month because you know those things will get done!

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Most of our monthly clients tackle bills and paperwork at their monthly sessions. Any time left is spent doing whatever they chose for that day. Many clients appreciate having extra eyes on the running of their home. It’s like once a month you have a spare spouse who is really organized and doesn’t argue.

The same organizer will come each month. You can call or text them any time if you forget where something is or how an item was handled.

Ideas for what to tackle during your monthly sessions:

  • Pay bills, set up auto payments
  • Make tedious phone calls to banks, insurance companies, etc.
  • Categorize misc receipts; balance the budget
  • Organize and tidy high traffic areas in your home
  • Decorate and prepare for guests or holidays
  • Keep the garage from exploding
  • Research and plan for long term projects or trips
  • Set goals and have accountability in keeping them
  • Keep toys and clothes at a manageable level
  • Change filters, light-bulbs, batteries
  • Make online returns
  • Konmari the whole house month by month

Wouldn’t it be luxurious to have help knocking out your long to-do list once a month?

You have a gardener, a cleaning service; and monthly beauty treatments. Having a regular organizer will make a large impact on how you feel in your home every day.

3-hour session w one organizer $225/month

3-hour session w two organizers $330/month

(for only $100 more, get twice as much done!)
Appointments are made one at a time at the end of each session.
Regular pricing for single sessions: 1 organizer $270; 2 organizers $390
Save $50 or more per session!

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