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Preparing Your Kitchen for a Move

Preparing your kitchen for a move is slightly more complicated than preparing the other rooms because it sees so much action. It’s the hub of your home, right? Even if that’s an overstatement for you, the following steps are a great guide to prepare the kitchen for your move.

Use small boxes when packing a kitchen

Label each and every box with the room –Kitchen, Dining Room, or Pantry– and with the contents.

Pare down your kitchen items as you pack.

Get rid of any gadgets that only do one thing (avocado slicer, banana saver, lettuce knife, etc.) Movers charge by weight. If you have a set of china, crystal, or silver you haven’t used in years, get rid of that before you pay to move it!

Use up the food and pantry items you already have and don’t buy anything in bulk for the last few months in your old house. If you come across expired foods and spices throw those away as you pack.

kitchen cabinet
Throw out broken items as you are packing ahead of time for your move.
clean kitchen
Once you prepare your kitchen for a move it will feel like a vacation rental.
Most of your stuff will be in boxes.

Pack in phases to minimize your stress.

Up to 2 months ahead:

Pack entertaining/party supplies ​or anything you know won’t need before you move. 

If you are moving far away, think ahead of time about who can use your extra food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies when you leave. Women’s shelters often take these kinds of things, even if they have been opened. 

Up to 2 weeks ahead: Pack up everything else in the kitchen by category, leaving out the bare essentials. You want to leave enough plates and glasses, napkins and sippy cups for your family to cook and eat for a day. Pack all but 1 pot and 2 pans, 2 dishtowels, etc. Think about what you’d find in a rental unit. Just the basics. Nothing extra.

The day before you move out: Pack up these everyday supplies (and food if it’s a local move). Label those boxes “Kitchen — OPEN FIRST”. Once you arrive in your new kitchen you can open those 2-3 boxes and make due until you have time to fully unpack.

The secret to a less stressful move is to start early and plan ahead. The steps above aren’t complicated or detailed because I believe you know what you’ll need from your kitchen. So trust yourself and do a little every day if you can. 

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