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Get organized in the new year: How to start

If you are reading this, I’m guessing you would like to be more organized this year.

Here is a pro tip for a jump start on all of your organizing projects:

Find a pile of things anywhere in the house or garage that has already been set aside because you don’t need it–a donation bin, a bag of recycling. Put it in your car right now. DON’T EVEN FINISH READING THIS SENTENCE. Go put that bag/box/pile in the front seat of your car.

So many people have a pile of things waiting… waiting to be donated to the perfect person; waiting to be sorted into sizes to give away; waiting to be given to the perfect charity.

Forget waiting! It’s the new year. We are done with waiting. We are doing.

Once you take that pile out of your house you will see  immediately how much better the space feels and you’ll be inspired to keep organizing.

Here’s a partial list of great places to take that stuff in the Pasadena area: (If you live far from Pasadena, work a little google magic for yourself using the ideas below)

Goodwill Donation Centers   They also take: e-waste, corroded batteries, broken electronics (be sure to label them as e-waste), computers (will be wiped of all data).

Out of the Closet  They do not take baby or kid items in general.

Try your local thrift store. Do you have a favorite shop in town? Please tell me in the comments.

For items which a local thrift shop will not take, try:

The SAFE Center  They accept pills, hazardous waste, paint, oil, and batteries.

4600 Colorado Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039  Saturdays and Sundays 9 – 3

Take your bulk recycling to a grocery store parking lot center for money, or to the

Caltech Recycling Center in the parking lot of E Del Mar at S Wilson Pasadena, CA 91107  Monday – Friday, 8-6; Saturday – Sunday, 10-6

Only bring pre-sorted items here. The bins are labeled by recycle #. It’s a great place to bring a ton of cardboard.

All Saints Episcopal Church in Highland Park  They have a food bank for local people and will accept any reasonable food or cleaning supplies (even if opened).

5619 Monte Vista St. Los Angeles, CA 90042 (Closed Mondays)

Habitat for Humanity Restore  Donate items from your garage here.

770 N. Fair Oaks Pasadena, CA 91103 626.792.3838

And one bonus tip from my friend Jonathan:

San Gabriel Valley pickup for metal tanks that once had content under pressure, like helium or propane.  888-253-2652

Happy New Year and here’s to becoming organized. I support that.


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