me and the chickens in front of our 1914 craftsman
me and the chickens in front of our 1914 craftsman

Just wanted to say I love my neighborhood!

Our little corner of Los Angeles is perfect for my family. We are under 2 miles from 3 freeways, but cannot hear any of them (miracle). We are under 2 hours from beach or mountains but sit here in 65-85 degree weather for 10 months of each year.

These obvious characteristics are great. But it’s the nuances of life in Highland Park I love the most. This morning on my daily bike around town with the dog I saw more people than I could count out cleaning up the debris from the wind storm yesterday. These aren’t people who rush off to work and have their gardeners do the work. We do it ourselves, which is very rare in the more affluent neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

We have shops owned by people who live here, in 90042, and who shop at the other shops and eat at the other eateries. My kids go to school and play basketball with their kids. It’s like Mayberry for crying out loud!

There’s a peace parade once a year. There’s a Metro stop. There’s a soda-pop shop. There really is! And I can walk or bike to all of it.

So, while some say Highland Park is the fastest growing real estate market in the country, I just say it’s home.


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