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Less stuff = More happiness. Really?


Oh great! Another article telling you how having less stuff will make all of your troubles disappear. RIIIIIiiiiight. Sure it will.

Actually, I’m not going to tell you very much today because I know you have a lot on your plate. You have a lot of troubles and they are NOT all going to disappear because you thin out your pots and pans. I know that!
Today I’ll let Graham Hill do the talking instead. Because, while it is true getting rid of the stuff you don’t use anymore will definitely–for sure–make your life easier, [bctt tweet=”the real trouble is that decluttering takes a lot of work!” username=”getorganzdalrdy”] You probably aren’t that excited to spend your time going through a big pile of stuff in the garage or at the back of your closet. What you really need right now is some inspiration.

So, in the name of inspiration* I suggest watching this 6 minute TED video. Watch it to be inspired to edit your own life.

This TED talk was given in 2011**, when the minimalism movement was just taking off. Now there’s a popular documentary on Netflix, “The Minimalists“, and more articles online than you could shake a stick at about minimalism and how getting rid of everything is the answer to everything.

I don’t claim to live a minimalist life even though I have minimalist tendencies. The thing is, I really like shoes and pretty glassware. Some people might say I collect shoes and pretty glassware. Also I live with 3 other people who love their stuff, too. But by being a professional organizer for all these years, I have seen how editing the stuff in a room (or the whole house) can change people in a way they wouldn’t have predicted.

If this idea –editing your life– sounds appealing, but you are dreading the process. You are in the right place! I am your partner in this project. I’ll cheer you on.
For today, start with one little corner or one drawer of clothes. Set a timer for 5 minutes and see how much you can throw out from the space in that tiny amount of time. Stop reading about it and just start already!

For tomorrow, sign up for the Get Organized Already list. The inspiration and motivation will keep coming atcha.
Thanks for reading. Let me know what how the corner turned out after 5 minutes of throwing things away.

*Also because Graham is cute as a BUTTON!
**This article was updated April 2018 to include The Minimalists and other resources.

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