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(Organized) Moving Services for Pasadena and NE Los Angeles

Summer is moving season and my phone is ringing off the hook! Get Organized AlreadyTM specializes in making this stressful time a little less harried and maybe even fun. We love helping people move. So bringing that positive energy into your house has got to be good for something! Right?

Being organizers, we especially love to unpack and set up your new place quickly and, of course, in an orderly fashion. We do packing jobs as well, taking care to label Label LABEL so your unpack goes smoothly. If you would like to thin out your belongings before they get put into boxes, please call us. Moving is easier when it’s organized.

Here are a few other local companies our Get Organized AlreadyTM teams have worked with recently in Los Angeles and Pasadena. I highly recommend the following:

traditional packing and transporting

Pure Moving does an amazing job. 

Everything is included in their rate: truck, gas, blankets, wardrobe boxes, unlimited wrap and tape. Wow! They don’t add any sneaky fees for stairs, assembling, disassembling, wrapping, narrow hallway, long walking distances. (Some movers do this, you know. For shame! But not these guys.) They sound almost as good as Get Organized Already!TM  Call 800.816.5121
Rates- from $75-135/hour for packers and a truck 

donating large pieces and stuff from the garage

The Habitat for Humanity Restore is amazing. I think of them as the Goodwill for your garage items. They aren’t a small business, but they are still very loveable. Also, they are one of the few companies who will bring a truck to pick up your donations on request for free. Call 626.792.3838 in Pasadena

They take:

  • mostly full paint cans and other garage-y liquids as long as they are usable
  • non-upholstered furniture, frames and framed art, etc.
  • tools, electric gadgets
  • appliances that work (even toilets, doors, and screens for windows. Stuff like that)

smaller moving projects or hanging things on your wall

One Item Move really wowed me with their professionalism and speed. The name explains the service. They charge by the hour and so they make sure to keep it moving. Hanging your flat screen TV or monitor, or collections of art or photos, is another specialty of this LA-based small business.  323.843.4799

Rate- $95/hour for most things including drive time.

I hope these names and numbers come in handy for you or someone you love this summer.

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