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Organizing Kids’ Craft Supplies

kids craft supplies

Craft supplies are unruly in any situation. But kids’ craft supplies are doubly frustrating. How do you keep them organized? It’s like herding cats!

I don’t recommend storing small parts in a cavernous cabinet. That is like writing Disorder an invitation to your breakfast table. However, in the case of this client’s kitchen, the cabinet was our only option. The plus side is the cabinet is low, so the kids can access it themselves and therefore PUT AWAY THEIR OWN SUPPLIES. Bingo!

This was the crafting cabinet after it had been purged of excess projects and dried up glue bottles but before she called in the pros.

Nothing was removed from the scene for these photos people. This is real Before and After.

Before and After Kim Craig that is! (She is one of my most favorite assistants!) So while I worked with the mom on the files in her office, Kim spent a little while on the kids’ office. And this is what we ended up with:

I got these white stackable containers that I love for kids. They have no lids (#1 rule for kids cleaning up) and yet, they stack! You just flip the handles in and that creates the shelf where the next one stacks on top.

As I mentioned before, these cabinets are deep. In order to keep things from getting pushed back into oblivion, we put empty old containers back there as place holders. We didn’t store anything behind what you see. Especially for kids, having to move one thing to get to another, or move something in order to put your stuff away is just too much. You just want one row of visible supplies.

What do you think? Do you want some help with your craft supplies? Do you want someone with whom to commiserate about how kids don’t clean up?

Call Get Organized Already today!

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