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Organize the living room

Organizing the living room is an important part of feeling relaxed at home. Yes, there are rooms you probably spend more time in than your living room. But in most homes, the main activity in the living room is relaxing.

Why won’t my kids pick up their toys?

If your house is like mine, toys are everywhere — even the bathroom. They multiply like rabbits! Do you find yourself wondering (or yelling) why don’t my kids pick up their toys?!I have a few ideas why… It’s a new gig The first probable reason our kids don’t pick up their toys is because it’s […]

Resolution: time, money, and donuts

Time, like money, is exactly what you make of it. If I remain oblivious to how long things actually take and let my days pound me like waves while I paddle to stay above water, it will never feel like I have any power over my time.

How to encourage your kids to be organized

Some children love organizing. They’ll color code their homework and put their books in alphabetical order. Other children, well, not so much. They’re more likely to think their room is clean if the mess is contained by the walls of their room instead of strewn all over the house. Still, the more you show your […]