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Resolution: get organized?


The end of a calendar year brings the concept of time to the front of our consciousness as we count even the seconds until the entire set of numbers governing our modern lives turns over to give us a fresh start.

We all love a fresh start. It feels natural to pause at the beginning of a new year to reflect and decide to steer our lives in a different direction–however slight the difference.

You are here, reading this post because you are thinking of making a change. Maybe you want to get organized in the new year. Maybe you read “The life-changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo and now you are pumped to declutter like a boss!

Before you go dropping $600 at the container store, or donating your coffee mug collection on the road to happiness, let me ask you two important questions.

What is your goal in getting organized?
What does being organized really mean to you?

I can’t answer for you. You gotta do some digging.
I’m going to tell you what being organized means to me though, because it’s my blog!

Being organized allows me freedom to do things I want to do. It helps me make time for what matters to me. Being organized helps me keep better track of my things and my time.
I am very organized. But honestly the holiday season throws me a curve ball every year. So every January 1st I get pumped up to get back on track, to do life better– to have more meaningful experiences and make more time for the good stuff.

I usually don’t make any actual resolutions, though. The term new year’s resolution can have bad connotations. Visions of austerity and feelings of deprivation bubble up for me. People talking about giving up potato chips and cookies just makes me a little bit sad. What I do is more of a tweaking of my priorities and my schedule. But, some of you want a big change and this is a great time for that!

No matter how big or small the resolution, this week instead of focusing on what to give up–what to stop doing or eating or buying–let’s focus on figuring out what we want more of in our lives.
Here are some popular ideas according to magazine covers I saw in the checkout line:

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    1. More meaningful connection with friends.
    2. More healthy food. More exercise.
    3. More free time/quiet time/me time.
    4. More freedom from the mundane.
    5. Greater abilities or aptitude.
    6. More sleep or rest.
    7. More love. More sex.
    8. More time outdoors.
    9. More money.

Which of these are true goals for you in the coming year? Which seem attainable to you? Which will you prioritize?

In the next post, I’ll talk about getting real with your new year’s resolution. In the meantime please comment on my 2 questions: What does being organized mean to you? What are your goals in getting organized?

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