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Team Room makeover at Vernon Lee Amateur Gymnastics Academy, Pasadena

A local gym gets organized already!


*better organize the Team Room to include a study area, private changing area, and more cubbies
*more cubbies will allow our Vernon Lee gymnastics team to grow
*(secret objective – to make the room  pretty and sparkly)

before and after
before and after


  • We removed the cubbies all together and purchased used lockers which were then sprayed with silver glitter and lined against the walls.
  • We created a specific area for hanging out, adding a rug and another section of the couch.
  • We removed the door to the team room to create more space inside.
  • We decorated remaining cubbies for pre-team so they are sparkly and cleaner.
  • We removed everything from the storage closet, repainted the walls in there, hung some twinkle lights and curtains, and put 2 desks for studying.
  • We decorated the walls with little mirrors, a clock, and a huge sparkly mural painted by local artist, Adam Winter.
    Little details like new switch plates and throw pillows also help the space feel more cohesive.
    Get Organized Already had help from Monique and Matt, coaches at Vernon Lee, as well as some help from their staff hanging light fixtures and painting the walls of the team room.

I’m happy to report the gym now has room for about 30 extra girls to join the VLAGA team (at least they have enough cubbies)!

The space is comfortable and cohesive. The gymnasts have lockers that close instead of pre-school type cubbies. Monique, head coach at the gym, reports they use the study/changing room all the time.

Best of all, the sparkle factor is way, way up!

Check out Vernon Lee Gymnastics Academy.

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