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What is your clutter comfort level?

chair with laundry on it
Losing clutter is analogous to losing weight. Being organized is a lot like being in shape. And though everyone is unique, most people tend to fit in to one of these three clutter comfort levels.

Which of the following weight loss analogies best describes your clutter?

1st scenario – Tummy tuck

You could use a complete overhaul. Your home (or most of it) is so cluttered it doesn’t feel comfortable anymore. You may be too overwhelmed to know where to start.

DIY pro tip for facing overwhelm: Start in one corner of a room and set a timer. Touch everything only once and work until the timer goes off. Twenty minutes is a good starting goal. Take a 5-10 minute break in another room. Then repeat the process. I love this website, UFYH, for support and ideas around this level of clutter.

Bring in the professionals

If decluttering is really not enjoyable for you, call in some help! A team of 2 organizers could spend a few hours getting the items in your room sorted to a manageable state. Their momentum may keep you motivated to continue on your own (or with a friend who loves you.)

If you are chronically disorganized, have an organizer (or 2) return each month. We can keep you inspired and help keep you from falling back under water. (Facts from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization here.)


Contact me about our monthly organizing sessions

2nd scenario – Staying in shape

Your organizing style is livable and comfortable. The house doesn’t look like a magazine, but you know where everything is. The beds may not always be made because this is real life we are living, not a movie!

People in your home know where stuff lives, and you can navigate around each other without searching for things and yelling, “HAVE YOU SEEN IT?” across the house.

You may have fallen behind a little after a health problem, a busy season at work, or a more personal set-back. You could use a tune-up with some extra hands.

DIY pro tip for busy families: Let everyone in your home know where things belong using labels. They don’t have to be fancy. A sticky note or painter’s tape work just fine. Labels also don’t have to be perpetually visible. If you don’t like the look of labels, place them inside cabinets and drawers.

A comfortable style of organizing suits you because it is realistic and less expensive (as in no fancy labels or matching containers to buy). Thank goodness being organized does not require perfection, because perfection is not possible!

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If you enjoy organizing on your own, this article from Trouva has some great ideas for you: How to organize your home in 20 steps.


3rd scenario – Ready for the college reunion

You live at the other end of the organizing continuum with Martha Stewart and Marie Kondo! You feel anxious when things are out of place. You keep things as stream-lined as possible and want some professional help getting everything beautifully in order so you can keep it that way.


Even though I don’t maintain one myself, I love to be in these homes: fresh flowers and herbs in the entryway, a calendar printed on chalkboard paint. Open the drawers and hear angels singing! The labels whisper beautiful phrases like, “fresh nutmeg” and “organic basmati rice.” This takes a lot of work. You will love that our team takes away everything you no longer want or need as part of our service.

Pro tip: Getting organized isn’t a one time event. It has to happen regularly.


You do you.

Everyone has a clutter comfort level. Whatever your state of comfort or chaos, there’s a way to stay organized. Our team at get organized already! can help you accomplish your vision for about what you spend on a trip to Whole Foods. True story.

Call me today to get started! 323 230 0297


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