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3 new ideas for organizing Tupperware

organizing tupperware

I wish someone had told me when I was a kid that being an adult would involve fighting with Tupperware. I wouldn’t have been so anxious to grow up! I could’ve propped my feet up and enjoyed those afternoons at the pool even more if I only knew what I was putting off by staying young.

So many adult responsibilities aren’t as fun as you would hope. Actually they aren’t fun at all. I really cringe at doing anything with health insurance. I don’t like making reservations for trips and hotels online, either.

If your Tupperware is a big, fat mess, read on!

Here are 3 things you can do to win the fight in your kitchen against a storage container avalanche.

Upgrade to glass containers and only get 6-7.

Don’t buy a huge set just because it’s all in one box. As soon as you take it out of that one box, the collection will take over your life and you will be sorry.

Store the containers with their lids on them.

One exception, if you have the stackable, really small (3-6oz) containers you can store those stacked up beside their lids which also stack up.

organizing Tupperware

Move your containers to a drawer instead of a cabinet.

Choosing the right container is much easier if you can see all of your options and a drawer lets you see more than a cabinet. A shallow cabinet can also work.
If your only option is a deep cabinet, consider a pull out thing-y like the Simple Human one pictured below. Or use a large, short bin which acts like a drawer to store your containers.

What other organizing problems are you facing in the house? Maybe I can help.


PS-If you live in our service areas and want some hands-on help with your kitchen. I can hook you up this week!

Call me 323.230.0297

Watch a work-along video.

If you are ready to tackle your Tupperware drawer now, the first thing is to thin out the loners. Why not work along with me in this Clutter Challenge video to get started?

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