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Avoid these unpacking pitfalls

paper in a pile

Working on an unpacking job yesterday I was reminded of two very helpful things to remember when you are opening ALL THOSE boxes after a move.

  1. Slice the side seams of the boxes open first. I know it seems natural to cut the center seam first with your blade. But you never know if there’s a beloved ¬†blanket or even a sweater or leather coat that could get cut along with the tape. Even if you had Get Organized Already pack your boxes, things can shift around in there! So cut the sides free and then lift the center seam up and slice it open. Your blade will never be pressing down into the box.
  2. Flatten out the packing paper as you go to make sure nothing gets forgotten in the crumples. Beloved kid art, an essential nut or bolt that has fallen out of its container, an antique earring–these are all things I have found in packing paper upon second (or fourth) inspection.

Moving is stressful enough! Who wants to be worried about damaged linens or lost, little treasures?
Unpack with care and save yourself a lot of time in the end.


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