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How to get your bathroom in order without buying anything new


With all the time you’re spending in your home these days, you’ve likely noticed that there are plenty of items lying around you hardly use, or food that’s gone bad but is still in the back of your fridge.

Written by Mekaila Oaks

With this extra time at home and lack of visitors, now is the perfect opportunity to get your house in order (even just a little bit!)

While the thought of decluttering and re-organizing your home can be overwhelming, it can be done without needing to purchase anything new. To help you get started, we pulled together tips from decluttering and organizing experts. Here’s how to get your bathroom in order without buying anything new.

Only keep your daily essentials out

Get rid of items that you don’t remember when you bought and only keep out products that are used on a regular basis. To keep your bathroom counters clear, only have essentials, like hand soap, out and be sure to put away everything after you’re done using it. – Olena Dibrivna, Harmony Home Organizing

Place frequently used items together and store the rest elsewhere

Instead of organizing your drawers by category, [bctt tweet=”Put one of each item for your daily routine neatly in the top vanity drawer and store your extras in the lower drawers or a cabinet.” username=”getorganzdalrdy”] This saves you from opening multiple drawers when you get ready. – Nonnahs Driskill, Get Organized Already! (That’s us!)

Keep things neat by rolling towels instead of folding them

By folding a towel in half and then rolling it up into a log shape, you can neatly stack towels on a shelf or in a cabinet and pull one out without making a mess of the remaining towels. – Rachel Fontaine, Fontaine Organizing

There’s no need to purchase new storage containers: make use out of household items

Prevent avalanches of small essentials by storing them in containers you can find around the house. Use narrow drawer organizers for dental floss, cosmetics, tweezers, and other implements; use small food storage containers for hair accessories; even a shot glass for cotton swabs. – Lisa Zaslow, Gotham Organizers

Repurpose unused toiletries specifically for guests

Collect all samples or extra products that you’ve yet to use and put them in a space for guests or in the guest bathroom if you have one. It will make them feel like they’re enjoying a luxury experience when they stay with you, while also clearing out your unused clutter. – Matlin Pessarra, Get Minimized

Consider the user-experience as you reorganize

Think about the “user experience” of your bathroom and add a little empathy. What would you like to have near you when you are using its various functions? Think comforting convenience, like your towel rack being within reach of your shower or your extra toilet paper being within arms’ length of the toilet itself. – Amelia McGee, Amelia McGee Home Styling

Thank you for reading these shelter in place ideas. This article was written April 6, 2020 – By Mekaila Oaks

I hope you are well and if you are too busy to even THINK about organizing right now, I hope reading this gave you a little mental break from WFH and home-schooling!



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