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Bra sizes: How to keep your girls happy

Organizing underwear today I had this conversation1.

Me: “So, how many bras do you think a woman needs?”

Beautiful, Curvy Client: “A normal woman, or me?”

Me: “Good point… You.”

Beautiful, Curvy Client: “This one is my favorite, but the straps slide off. I wear this one a lot but not if the blouse is tight because of back fat. This one! Oh! I have to have this one because my husband gave it to me.”

Me: “Does it fit?”

BCC: “I think so.”

Me: “Have you been fitted for your correct size by a PRO-fessional?”

BCC: “No. When I go into Victoria’s Secret no one seems anxious to do that for me.”

Me: “Try the Nordstrom in the Glendale Galleria. The manager of Intimate Apparel is Sandra Maravilla, I send everyone to her. I’ll be taking my daughter to her when the time comes. Anyway, Sandra will change your life.”

BCC: “Change my life? Sure she will.” <rolls eyes>

Me: “Believe me. No adjusting for the rest of your waking hours. And you can dance a little, maybe even skip, and things aren’t going anywhere!

“Sandra is really good at her job. She is the least judge-y woman you’ll ever find in a Nordstrom. I told her I wanted to buy bras that were on sale since I needed to re-stock at my new, improved size. She went out and found me every bra in my new size that was on sale in jewel tones. You wanna see?2


So, pro-organizer tip #1: Get your girls sized and you will walk a little taller from now on.

Organizing tip #2: If you own bras that don’t fit, THROW THEM OUT. (Yes, I’m yelling.)

1How glamorous am I, BTW?

2I didn’t show my bra to my client. Calm down.

Check out Sophia Jenner’s post on correct bra size if you are a DIY kinda gal.

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