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How to organize your Tupperware

storage containers | organize your Tupperware

A video peak into my organized Tupperware cabinet

Did you have one of those lunchboxes?

Today we’re going to take a look at my Tupperware!

Water Bottles

I love to make little teeny shelves for things like water bottles.  Imagine how much room a whole family’s worth of water bottles would take up in your glass cabinet, right? But if you lie them down, they don’t take up any room at all.

Store the lids with them.

Tupperware Containers

Another trick I uses when in comes to storage containers is that I have all the round Tupperware on one side, and all the non-round on the other.

In the video, you will notice, when it comes to tupperware,

[bctt tweet=”I don’t have very many. That’s a big secret to keeping your Tupperware organized.” username=”getorganzdalrdy”]

On the bottom shelf, I store the big ones.  Make sure to store each with it’s lid.

Oldie, But Goodie

One of the pieces of tupperware that I own actually used to be my lunch box from when I was in grade grade school!  I don’t know how long I used it as a lunch box, but I remember using it when I started making my own in second grade.  It had, the sandwich, the round thing for the side dish. Did anyone else use these kinds of containers for their lunches when they were a kid?  And I still have it. And honestly, it’s still the best piece of tupperware I have.

Lid-less Soldiers

The last tip I have for you, is when you lose the lid for your tupperware, if it’s a good size and still useful, I write on the bottom in permanent ink :”No Lid”. I know this sounds pretty nerdy, but that way I won’t waste time going around looking for a lid.

So, that’s my Tupperware!

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