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The Clutter Challenge video series is free and easy

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Did you make any resolutions this year?
I did not. I hate making resolutions because the process of choosing them stresses me out.
How about you? Do you think of something you don’t like about your life and change it? To me THAT is a lot of pressure. Isn’t it? How do you do it? Please comment below this article!

A lot of people choose to get organized for their resolution. Maybe you did this year. And since it’s my job to help people get organized, let me tell you something very important about being organized.
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In an effort to help as many people as possible achieve their decluttering resolutions,  get organized already has created a video series for people who don’t feel very organized– to help get rid of all the clutter in the house.

Side note: This series is PERFECT if you are getting ready to move and want to lighten the load along with your moving costs!

How does this challenge work?

31 videos will be published (on YouTube) throughout the clutter challenge. In these videos we’ll declutter together for about 20 minutes at a time. Of course you can go at your own pace and jump around if you’d like. Please subscribe to our you tube channel so you have access to all of the clutter challenge videos.

Not for perfectionists!

In these videos, I’m not just standing around in my decluttered barbie dream house, telling you what to do. I’m organizing and decluttering right along with you. We aren’t going to alphabetize the spices, or color-code the files. We are going to do simple things to help us to feel better about our homes.

Experience shows that people feel better when they accomplish hard things. We also feel better with less clutter. So join the challenge already!

Join the Clutter Challenge Facebook group

Connect with people on Facebook who are also doing the challenge in their home. Support is here for you! Take advantage of this easy, free resource.

Click here to join our Clutter Challenge group on facebook!

Buy the Clutter Challenge Cheatsheets!

I recommend buying the accompanying Cheatsheets to make this process even easier. Buy a few for $2 each or buy the whole set for a lot less.

One page of tips and step-by-step instructions for each day of the challenge.
These cliffnotes are a supplement to the free videos. Maybe you want to skip some of steps. Maybe you want to go deeper and slower. Maybe you like using a checklist. Whatever the case, the cheatsheets will let you progress at your own pace. (That rhymes!)
Click here to buy single sheets for $2.

Or buy the entire set of 30 for only $50. Thank you for watching!

SALE– now only $30!

Cheatsheets for the Clutter Challenge

Watch the Clutter Challenge videos

A total of 31 videos to follow along while you declutter your house in about 20 minutes a day. These videos are meant to be playing WHILE you work as the ultimate form of inspiration and encouragement. I keep it light and give great, professional advice when it comes up.

Click here to subscribe to the Get Organized Already! YouTube channel now so you won’t miss any videos!

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