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Get organized for school picture day!

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How many times have you forgotten about school picture day?

Me too, girlfriend. Me, too.

Watch this 2 minute video to hear about it. And to get some ideas about being prepared this year.

Forget about kids, for us parents the beginning of school is like an obstacle course!

All the forms to fill out. All the emails to read. Navigating the online volunteer situation.

Then, once have all that done, BAM: it’s picture day!


For me, there are three issues.

#1: Remembering the date

I was trying to count the number of times I have forgotten it was picture day and sent the kids to school with a little syrup or chocolate milk on their shirt, and I couldn’t keep track. There have been so many years I’ve forgotten. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever really remembered. My daughter has reminded me a few times…

But anyway, this year I’ll do better. I can:

  1. Put a sign on the fridge.
  2. Put it in my phone calendar, and set an alert for the night before and the morning of.
  3. Fill out those picture order forms as soon as I get them, and put them right back in their backpacks. That way even if I forget, they will still have the forms.

School picture issue #2: How many to order?

Unless you’re Kathy Crafty, and you’ve got big plans to make those school photos into something to send to Aunt Debbie, just order the small package.

That big envelope full of 20 school pictures will come and sit around my desk for months and all it does is make me feel guilty.

So, let’s just get the small one this year. Less guilt.

Another idea for distributing school pictures: give them all to your mom to send to the relatives! (If she’s into it.) Because delegating is the key to happiness. 

School picture issue #3: Labeling

Write on the backs of each photo: the child’s name, grade, year, and maybe their teacher (or school if you move often).

protip: Don’t write in ballpoint pen.


At the end of the day there is nothing like school pictures. They are so cute! And the photos of my kids with syrup on their clothes because I forgot it was picture day? That’s ok. They have personality! Right?

Enjoy your school pictures and thanks for reading. What do you love about school pictures?


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