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How to better organize clothes

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Public Service Announcement:
This video is for people whose organizing skills are intermediate to advanced. If you hate folding clothes and putting things away in general, don’t watch this video! Click on Closet organizing ideas instead.
If you look forward to tidying up; and if you like to organize clothes, keep reading. This article is for you!

purge when you take anything out

Even if you are just straightening a stack, always be considering what sparks joy in your little heart. Marie Kondo says in “The life-changing magic art of tidying up” that organizing is a one time event. That is a pure fantasy statement right there. (But, it sure sold a lot of books!) In fact, you never stop organizing. Just like you never stop exercising. So whenever you work on an area of stuff, clothes included, be mindful of every item in that area and let go of anything you can right then. You don’t have to wait for a special de-cluttering event.

Store sentimental clothing elsewhere

Just because you aren’t ready to get rid of your unwearable Bon Jovi t-shirt from the late 80s, don’t keep it in your everyday clothing drawer. Keep sentimental clothing with other sentimental items — not in the area where you dress. You can even display sentimental clothes. But don’t let them clog up your prime clothing real estate.

Fold pants and shirts, then put them seams-down in your drawer

The konmari method of folding is all well and good. Organized people have been doing it for years. What makes it extra-super-great is when you put the messy edges facing down so you never have to look at their hideousness again. (That is obsessive-compulsive sarcasm.)

Kids hate hanging? Use hooks (in closet, hall, wall, bathroom)

Just because you love to fold, that doesn’t mean everyone else in your family does. Never fold other people’s clothes out of spite.
I’ll say that again, [bctt tweet=”Never fold other people’s clothes out of spite.” username=”getorganzdalrdy”]
Let them be responsible for their own belongings.
I’ve found that hooks and racks can be more user-friendly than drawers or hangers. Consider installing rows of hooks in your folding-averse family member’s closet for their most often used wardrobe pieces.

It’s okay not to fold

Also if someone in your home refuses to fold their clothes, let them store their clothes unfolded. If that means a couple of categories mangling willy-nilly in a drawer, so be it!
May I also suggest that folding your children’s clothes for them does not help them later in life.

Extra closet organizing ideas not in this video

Invest in a dual rack and hanging sweater shelves

I rarely suggest people buy organizing bells and whistles. Two exceptions in the bedroom are dual racks which can double your hanging space in 13 dollars or less; and hanging sweater shelves which hold a lot more than sweaters. Stuff them with kids clothes or toys so they are down low and easy to reach. Use hanging sweater shelves for men’s shoes. Use sweater shelves for any kind of clothes or handbags if you have more hanging space than shelf space.

No doubling up on hangers

Speaking of hanging. Do not put two pair of pants on one hanger. It’s cumbersome and you want to be able to see all of your clothes to make the best decision for your outfit.

Click lights in a dark closet

Make your dressing experience more pleasant by installing click lights in dark corners of the closet. These run on batteries and can be stuck anywhere.

Give me your feedback in the comments. What other closet and clothing organizing tricks do you use?
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