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Multi-tasking is a bad idea. Really.

Thank you, God, for allowing me to break my hand.

Lessons learned from a broken hand:

My 7 year-old son can make his own food and drinks JUST FINE

My husband does know how to clean the kitchen

I do too many things every single day

It’s really hard to floss left-handed

I need to do fewer things every single day

I love working with an assistant

My daughter could run the house on her own, for sure

I have an unnaturally strong aversion to medical professionals

Taking things at half speed is often more productive

Taking things at half speed is sometimes maddening

When I don’t exercise regularly the depression cycle sets in quickly

My hand is on the mend now and the splint is off so I can type (normally) and write again which I missed sorely!

I’m pretty sure breaking my right hand is one of the only things that would slow me down and I was going too fast, obviously. So, I see it as a necessary part of the journey I am taking.

What would it take to slow you down? Or, if you are pretty slow, what would it take to speed you up?

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