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“New Order” by Fay Wolf

women holding new order by fay wolf

Nearly every time our team arrives to organize someone’s home, we find a how-to organizing book. Surprise! Humans are a little obsessed with putting things in order–even if that order is a sort of organized chaos.

boring and predictable

Organizing books generally say the same things. TrashDonateKeep. Blah. Blah. Blah.
When I read them I think, if I wrote an organizing book it would be quirky and fun, and talk about something more important than clutter. It would talk about your personality and your goals for your whole life! Not just your closet.

Get Organized Already does big-picture work like this with our clients as much as possible. We organize closets and offices, sure. But we also help with systems and tricks for making your home-life easier in general. Giving you time to figure out what things make your little heart sing.
Is that too ambitious for an organizing book?

snappy and unique

Well, Fay Wolf doesn’t think so because she did it! She has written exactly the organizing book the world needs! “New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks”. It is terrific.

Wolf talks you through practical steps in her matter-of-fact prose. She is never judgey or condescending. In fact, reading this book feels like a big hug. It’s a pep talk to motivate you to get your stuff in shape so you can focus on creative things.

being more fulfilled: goals

She addresses tough issues like perfectionism and trying to please everyone (Who doesn’t suffer from that a little bit?!) There’s talk about actually interacting with humans as a way to be more fulfilled and some helpful ideas about how to do more meaningful things each day.
Isn’t that what you really want when you are getting organized– an easier life that allows you to do things you love?
My hand is UP!
Yes to more love and more spending time with my kids or playing tennis.
No to weeding through 10 newsletters a week in my email in-box.

Click here for a taste of Fay Wolf in the LA Times.

my favorite parts of the book

One of my favorite chapters is #5 More Karma in which Wolf gives you resources for where to donate your things. All the things. It is a dream come true! My copy of the book is dog-eared and dirty already on that chapter. Of course, I’m a little bit obsessive about discarding and donating things to exactly the right places.

You, on the other hand, may be more excited about chapter #2 which helps you find your own systems to stop losing things. Or maybe your favorite will be chapter #4 about trimming down your digital life to help reverse that case of crooked-texter’s-neck you got going on. (yikes!)

other reviews of New Order

I’m not the only one to love “New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks”. Check out these great reviews
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Order your copy here and let me know what you are inspired to change in your life to make more room for awesome!

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