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An organizer for my boss

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Your boss needs a home organizer.

Their house, or home office is not in order and you have been asked to remedy the situation.

Lucky you! One of our specialties is working with high-level people at home — people who are used to having help at the office (or wherever they work). The final frontier is their house, where things aren’t as time-sensitive and often fall into disarray.

After working with Get Organized Already on a regular basis, your boss will feel happier and more calm at home. That ease will carry over into their work. And you will both benefit from hiring a home organizer. You will look like a hero!


Get Organized Already! Inc works by the hour at $90/hr

$270 for 3 hours (minimum time)

We can work with your boss directly, with you (their assistant), or with members of their family on their stuff in the home. It is our policy NOT to make decisions about anyone’s stuff without their direct permission.

We have an NDA agreement built into our contract for people who are concerned about publicity or about neighbors being nosey.

Get Organized Already! does not exchange work for social media mentions, or other publicity. Of course we love those things, but ethically they are icing on the cake, not a form of payment.

Testimonial from T. Barrett (chief of Staff for Warner Henry, Pasadena)

“Well, after 5 frustrating years of going through 4 professional organizers who fell far short of the task, I was just about ready to give up. In frustration one day I happened across Get Organized Already. Wow, was my problem solved!

“I am writing this review after working with them for more than two years. Nonnahs understands my client light years beyond what the other organizers possibly could. There is so much more to organization than just knowing how to file things away, and she has the patience and interest to learn how the mind of her clients work to create a system that they can then work with.”

Please call me today to discuss the situation and find the right organizer on our team for your boss.


Click here for FAQs and answers.

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