For most people, just getting the pictures, letters, an other memorabilia into a container in the garage is organized enough. For anyone interested in a way to further sort your memories for easier future access–writing a memoir anyone?–listen up.

Take out the various and sundry items you have kept for sentimental reasons.

sentimental piles on a client's bed prior to bagging
sentimental piles on a client’s bed prior to bagging

Sort them into piles that make sense to you. I do this by era. I have a pile for each military base on which my family lived throughout my childhood, a pile for my single years, a pile for wedding and honeymoon… You get the idea.

Some people I work with do it by person. They keep all letters from their grandma in a pile, all pictures of one child in a pile, etc.

Anyway you want to split it up will work. Think about the categories you already have in your mind when it comes to these items. Chances are that when you think about old memories you think of them in groups. What are those groups?

Next, put each pile into a large ziplock bag and label that puppy. Put the bags in a storage bin and the next time you want to reminisce about a time or write a chapter in your biography about a person you can easily grab that bag and take a trip back in time.


  • Miss Monette

    That is just what I have done! The jumbo zip locks are great for piles containing larger items, like a newspaper section you want to keep pristine. I labeled with a sharpie and laid all the bags flat, in chronological order in a trunk. Yippee!!

  • Michelle

    I like these tips. Definitely my speed. Just reading this relieves a little anxiety that I have, thinking that I should be doing amazing things with all these photos and memorabilia, when really, all I want to do is reminisce once in a while. Thanks friend!

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