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Help! There’s a ceiling fan on my dining room table!

There really is.

There’s a mattress in my living room, propped up against the couch. There’s a filing cabinet out on my front porch and a rug rolled up against the wall of my bedroom.

It’s all-out-MAYHEM! And it is making me mental.

This fall we had a studio built out back for Jeff so that the kids can spread out into their own rooms. But of course the old indoor studio needs to be cleaned and re-painted with some appropriate 9-year-old girl colors before Darla will move in there. So, we are spending our spare time (lots of that around the holidays, right?!) painting her room and accepting incoming Christmas presents like rugs, bed frames, and desks.

Only we have no place to put it all until the room is ready! OH-EM-GEEE going crazy over HEEEEERE!

Every time I go to work on someone else’s clutter in these last few weeks I feel so jealous. My little elves and I swoop in and organize someone else’s office space so I can come home to office supplies in the BATH TUB?! Where is the justice? I can’t wait to post some after pictures of this whole business. Stay tuned.

Until then, I give you:

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