The holidays are here and your To Do list (and mine) just got a few things tacked on at the top!

Since we are all adding stuff to our days I have one question:

What are you subtracting from your list to make room for the Christmas chores?


Do you think you can just pile the decorating, shopping, wrapping, writing, singing, and event attending right on top? Oh no. That is crazy talk!

Something has got to go and if you don’t plan for it, the thing to go will probably be your sanity!

Prioritize the good stuff

Being organized simply means being prepared. So, plan ahead a little for December right now. Think today about what you really love about Christmas or Hanukkah. What do you look forward to?

Put that thing (or, if it’s a feeling, an activity that invokes that feeling) on the calendar. Maybe tomorrow in the shower you think of another thing. Put that on the calendar, too!

Make some room

Now that you’ve chosen the good stuff you want to happen this month, what can you cut out to make space on your calendar?

Maybe something you always do because your mom did it, but for you the ROI isn’t worth it. This is a good year to let traditions you don’t love fall away.

Maybe a chore you do all year could survive a break from for a month. How about the gardening? dry cleaning? ironing? other non-necessary chores? Let one or two on them go for a month if you can.

How about scrolling Facebook? Take the app off your phone for a week. See how much time you gain. Maybe none. Maybe a lot. You’ll never know til you try!

How about watching news on TV or youtube everyday? Turn it off and put on music while you do holiday things instead. The same can work for reading the news. The world will not end if you take a news fast for a couple of weeks.

Let me know what you are going to do to make room for your holiday pleasures.


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  • I think you hit the nail on the head with the comment that just because our mom/Aunt/Grandma did a certain Christmas tradition doesn’t mean there’s a ROI for us. It’s OK to let the less important things fade and introduce your own traditions that make more sense. Surely this will also alleviate some unnecessary holiday stress to your schedule.

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