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Professional Organizers Training and Gettin’ Crazy!

The mind reels when you start to imagine what a couple hundred organizers would talk about when they all got together. Doesn’t it? Post-it notes! Folding fitted sheets! Labelling spices!

Stop it. I’m getting dizzy with excitement!

The truth is, the conference I attended this past month up in Santa Rosa with my fellow Los Angeles organizers—Nadine, Ashley, and Beth—was for

organizers. But it was also for entrepreneurs. We are all serious business people. Throughout the weekend we learned a lot of tricks and tips for working with clients. We also learned some business and marketing strategies.

A rep from 3M was there with Organizing superstar, Julie Morgenstern (from Oprah’s show). So there was a little discussion about Post-its. But, mainly I learned about more weighty topics such as:

  • helping baby boomers deal with their elderly parents as their lives change
  • working with couples as I organize for them in their shared spaces
  • helping clients clear mental clutter so we can have a more productive session together working on their physical stuff
  • bringing my unique skills to each job

Add this to the filing classes, workshops on the hoarding disorder, and classes on time management I have taken and you get: Nonnahs, The Organizer – On – Fire!

Whatever the project or area in your home you are struggling with, my team and I can help you. Don’t let all of this education go to waste!

Call me now– the holiday rush has already started


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