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Chores for kids pt 5: 8 Great tips for parents

I warned you in the beginning of this series on chores: all kids are different and you will have to do some finagling to find the right system for your child. And that right system may change in a year. Still, it’s important to remember to stick to it. Remember when your baby was really […]

Division of Labor and Caramel Sauce

Let me tell you what I learned from a bottle of caramel sauce this morning. I opened my pantry to find the caramel sauce sitting upright beside an empty jam jar. A flicker of recognition passed through my brain because this discovery confirmed my long-held belief about couples fighting over household division of labor.  My […]

Organize the living room

Organizing the living room is an important part of feeling relaxed at home. Yes, there are rooms you probably spend more time in than your living room. But in most homes, the main activity in the living room is relaxing.