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Shop Locally for Christmas: Grow Kid Grow in Silverlake

If you still have kids on your list to shop for and you live in east LA or near about, please check out Grow Kid Grow on Sunset near Fountain. It’s a re-sale boutique for kids’ clothes and shoes and costumes and accessories. They have some new toys and some new designer clothes as well.

I went in with a list for my little nephews and niece. I walked out of there with about 7 books, 3 cute clothing items for each of them, and a song in my heart for UNDER $50. Are you kidding? I spend $50 on each of them usually! This is my new favorite store in Los Angeles.

Kids’ stuff is so temporary and I hate shopping at Target (as you may know, ahem) because the shoes fall apart and every other kid at school has on the same thing. But, I knew I couldn’t afford to go to a boutique for all 5 kids. At Grow Kid Grow you’ll find designer stuff that is out of my price range normally. It’s packed to the gills in there with something for every kid under 10 on your list.

The shop is owned by local parents, too. I just can’t say enough good things. Go now!

Grow Kid Grow

4310 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90029


MON-SAT 10am-6pm  |  SUN 11am-5pm

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