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Take a day off.

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Sometimes it feels like everyone I talk to is competing for World’s Busiest Person!

And I admit, some days I feel like I’ve been thrown into the ring myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a title, especially if it comes with a crown! But, being too busy isn’t really winning.

Being too busy is losing.

We do too much because we feel so important when we’re busy–so needed and efficient.

Unfortunately, there is plenty of research telling me that being busy can be the opposite of being efficient–specifically when it involves multi-tasking.

This past Saturday, an old friend texted me (because she was probably too busy to call) an invitation to bring my kids to Disneyland and play hookey with her and her kids on Monday. I will spare you the inner dialogue that ensued. (Just imagine what you think when presented with a chance to run away for 24 hours.)

Long story short: I said Yes. We shirked all of our responsibilities for the day and had an amazing time.

I caught up with my friend. Our kids got to hang out and eat Dole whips. We laughed a lot.

The most amazing part has been the fallout from this spontaneous day-off. No one is mad at me, even though I backed out of something I agreed to do months ago. My business didn’t implode without me. I have a few extra emails to write. No biggie. My kids’ sports coaches and teachers didn’t call me irresponsible.

I guess everyone else is too busy to react to my day of frivolity!

It is true that in those moments when you hear yourself saying (whining), “I don’t have time to exercise/rest/meditate.” that is exactly when the break will do you the most good.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”


Give your thinker a break one day. Let me know what happens!

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