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Closet organization ideas

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“The shoes! They end up on the floor and spilling out into the room and that makes it impossible to get into the closet to my clothes.”

When you start a closet organization project, of course it’s important to identify the problems. It’s equally important to identify your goal for the closet.

Visualize what you want and focus on that. Make a list of your goals for the closet. Cut out a photo that inspires you or visit my Pinterest page for ideas.

I advise you to post your goals because about 2 hours into the project you are going to want to quit. That is very normal. This visual reminder will help you push through the tough parts. (A little chocolate is also helpful to have on hand.)

Here’s how Get Organized Already helps when we come in to do a closet.

Take out everything you find in one category, including stuff in other drawers or other rooms

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I worn this in the last year?
  • Do I love this?
  • Am I excited to wear this?

As Marie Kondo would say, “Only keep what sparks joy in you.”

Designate your prime real estate for things you wear all the time

Put special occasion, out-of-season, goal-weight and sentimental clothes further away.

Shop your closet

If you wouldn’t buy it today, let it go! Make room for new things, new energy and new possibilities.

Not in the video, but super important:

One thing missing from the closet in the video that we see in our clients’ homes a lot (A LOT!) is goal-weight clothing. Some people prefer to keep a couple pieces they love as inspiration to keep aiming for weight loss.

However! if clothing (or anything else for that matter) makes you feel guilty or negative when you see it, please PLEASE don’t keep it. Don’t let it stare you in the face every time you go get dressed. What a downer!

DIY vs call a professional

Yes, working with a professional on your closet organization project is faster and holds you accountable. Still, you can do it on your own if you can keep these ideas in mind and stay inspired by your goal.

You can do it!

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