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Two kitchen organizing tricks to make cooking easier

organized kitchen cabinet

At our book club meeting last week my friend, Monette, got all giggly and excited to show me a recent kitchen organizing swap she did in her cabinets.

(This is the kind of social situation you find yourself in when you declare yourself a professional organizer. That, and everyone tells you about their neighbor/aunt/crazy grandfather who was “for sure a hoarder”.)

Seriously, though. Monette is a friend with whom I have done some organizing. She supported my business in its infancy by hiring me to help with her home office and a closet. Evidently my tips for her during those sessions years ago made an impression!
Namely this tip: store things where you will use them.

She now gleefully promised me that I was the inspiration behind her decision to move some things around in her kitchen to make cooking easier.

Move your baking tools and supplies

Monette doesn’t bake very often, she is more of an everyday chef. She had been storing her bakeware in a lower, prime real estate cabinet and her pyrex and corning ware dishes which she uses more often in the cabinet above her fridge.

All she did was swap the two categories so her seldom used baking pans and supplies are now in the upper cabinet which is harder to reach. And the heavier pieces she uses more often are in their place down lower.

Most people don’t bake everyday, or even every month! If that’s true for you, it may work to move your baking supplies and even ingredients to a more out-of-the-way storage spot in your kitchen or pantry. 

We have often used this cool container for storing small sized baking ingredients like baking soda, vanilla, food coloring, baking powder together. The handle makes it easy to grab everything down at once when you are ready to bake.

Store heavy items down low

My friend made another quick swap which she says is helping her family in the kitchen. She moved a group of lighter things, including linens, up to a higher cabinet. And other heavier things down lower where they are easier to get out of the cabinet.  Something as simple as that is now inspiring greatness in her kitchen. Hurray!

What items do you use often that are currently too far out of reach? Do a switch-er-oo for yourself and see if it helps your kitchen flow.

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But, Wait! That’s not all!
Look what Monette had done to her make-up drawer.

“You don’t understand, Nonnahs. You should have seen it before! It was a nightmare!”

So, here it is and I am beyond impressed (and a little proud).

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