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Pantry organizing containers

My favorite part of grocery shopping is putting it all away. I know, I’m crazy. But, it’s an organized kind of crazy!

I come home, open the crinkly packages and pour everything into pretty organizing containers. Decanting! OH BOY! And while I love these OXO containers, I do not recommend buying the large sets that are in stores because sets like that always have a few that you will never use. Much better to figure out how many you need before you go to the store and only buy the right size for your pantry.

Do you also prefer to store your dry goods and other pantry items in sturdy containers? Try this tip: cut off the cooking directions from the packaging and store the directions right inside the container. You only have to do this once even if you refill the container multiple times.

It’s really worth it and keeps you from having to keep a separate list of instructions somewhere, or worse having to remember the instructions.

Are you already doing this? What other tips do you have for these great, clear OXO organizing containers? Share in the comments, please. And pass this article on. I appreciate it!

-Nonnahs, Get Organized Already!

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