Room Renew!

Two amazing organizers will come, declutter, and tidy a specific area of your home with minimal help from you.
For existing clients only. This is different from our hands-on sessions where we work with you the entire time. A Room Renew is more like a room makeover on HGTV. A perfect gift for yourself!
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Organized Kitchen 4 hrs $560

2 organizers

  • put away all dishes and packaged food
  • organize dishes, moving seldom used pieces to high or low shelves
  • organize Tupperware storage
  • uncover valuable counter space
  • tidy the drawers and cabinets

Does not include cleaning floors, appliances, or hand-washing dishes.

Does not include refrigerator or pantry organization!

Organized Fridge and Pantry 3 hrs $420

2 organizers

  • put away all food items
  • dispose of expired food
  • move more often used items to eye-level shelves
  • organize refrigerator and pantry shelves and drawers
  • recommend storage solutions when they would really help

Does not include organizing the rest of the kitchen.

Organized Living Area 3.5 hrs $490

2 organizers

This can be a family room, living room, dining room, or similar area.

  • rearrange furniture for optimal use (if requested)
  • corral toys or hobby items
  • break down and recycle empty boxes and packing materials
  • recycle old magazines (2 months or older)
  • box up DVDs CDs and VHS tapes to be donated or stored

Does not include general tasks. If we uncover a new area of the floor or a surface, we will wipe it down.

Organized Master Suite 3 hrs $420

2 organizers

Renew your master suite to renew your mind. We’ll turn your bedroom into a calm, clutter-free area for restful sleeping.

Includes tidying your master bedroom and bathroom. Does not include your closet or dresser drawers.

  • fold and put away laundry in this bedroom
  • make the bed like a hotel
  • dispose of expired medicines and toiletries
  • organize beauty supplies and toiletries
  • uncover valuable counter space
  • tidy bedside tables
  • organize make-up as time allows
  • recommend organizing products if they would really help

Does not include cleaning floors, surfaces, or washing clothes/linens.

Organized Closet and Dresser 4 hrs $560

2 organizers

Master closet (walk-in) or 2 small closets

  • fold and put away all clean clothes
  • separate out wrong-sized clothes
  • organize hanging clothes and drawers
  • recommend closet storage solutions if they would really help
  • organize shoes and bags
  • tidy up the closet in general

Organized Kids' Room/Playroom 4 hrs $560

2 organizers

  • box outgrown clothes and shoes for donation
  • throw out broken, cheap toys and trinkets
  • general organization of toys and games
  • put clean clothes away, organized

Children under 8 years old cannot be present for this Room Renew!

Room Renew is for times when you don’t want to make a lot of decisions about what stays and what goes. We come in and declutter then stage the area so it looks great!

We leave all suggested donations in a box or bag for your consideration. Nothing will be donated until you approve it.

We use post-it’s to let you know when items have been moved so you aren’t looking for things after we leave.

It's like a miracle!

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Room Renew is not available for offices, garages, or storage areas. Hire us for a hands-on organizing session for your office, garage, or attic.

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