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Monthly organizing service

Monthly organizing service

For about what you spend on a week’s worth of groceries for your family, you can have a regular, monthly appointment with a professional organizer.

How to better organize clothes


Public Service Announcement:
This video is for people whose organizing skills are intermediate to advanced. If you hate folding clothes and putting things away in general, don’t watch this video! Click on Closet organizing ideas instead.
If you look forward to tidying up; and if you like to organize clothes, keep reading. This article is for you!

Professional organizing tips from the field

Professional organizing tips from the field

When the Get Organized Already team is out working around Glendale and Pasadena we often learn organizing tips from our clients. Not everyone who calls us for help is completely disorganized. In fact I think everyone is organized in some way.

Advice for living with a disorganized person

Whenever I give a seminar on home organizing someone inevitably asks the question,

How do you deal with a husband (or child) who seems to be incapable of staying organized?

If your standards of cleanliness and organization are higher than those of the people you live with, I feel your pain.

Silly bathroom organization ideas

My house has a teeny, tiny bathroom with no storage. The bathroom in this video is like a fancy hotel with heated towel racks. But just because you don’t have gold inlay tiles and a bidet, that doesn’t mean you can’t use my bathroom organization tips.

“New Order” by Fay Wolf

“New Order” by Fay Wolf

Nearly every time our team arrives to organize someone’s home, we find a how-to organizing book. Surprise! Humans are a little obsessed with putting things in order–even if that order is a sort of organized chaos.

Cleaning the dishwasher–Is that a thing?

My mom is the best!

Last year when Jeff and I went away for a few days she came and watched my 2 kids and 2 new kittens who may or may not have been totally litter-trained at that point. This is not why she’s the best, though. (I mean who doesn’t love grandkids and kittens!?) She’s the best because she cleaned my dishwasher while she stayed at my house.