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Organizing Tips

This picture is from my walk on Christmas day. 
Those classic holidays were great and all, but one of my favorite holidays is coming up: Galentines Day! ❤️ Feb 13 💜
 . . .
Celebrate your girlfriends. Buy them gifts. Make them food. Hug them and do stuff together. I can't wait! 
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Being prepared is part of being organized. It also makes your life easier. 

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“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: It must be produced... and used up in order to exist at all.”
—William Faulkner 

 🐓 🦃 🙏

I hope you know that someone is very thankful for you. ❤️

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Marvin is pretty excited about this cool, fall weather.

I'm excited about our new team working in Long Beach! 

What are you excited about? Candy corn season? Fall break? The weekend?

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Here's a video about helping your family eat more fresh foods. 🍑 🍓 🍉

I read once that being organized is taking care of your future self. ✨👍🏻

"We’re not destined to destroy everything we love. If we can forgive ourselves for failing to become perfect, for still wanting what we want in spite of our efforts to want less, then we can feel more. We can awaken to our fears and our passions, breathe in the violent wind, and savor the dirty corners of our awful personalities.

Knowing who you are is magic. You hypnotize the barbarians
by merely
holding your ground." 

- Heather Havrilesky

 🪄. 🪄. 🪄. 🪄. 

Havrilesky writes a newsletter I enjoy very much called Ask Molly. Find it on substack. Find my newsletter there as well: Notes From Nonni. 

I just released a personal newsletter last night. 
Do you read newsletters? They are my new social media addiction. ⭐⭐⭐
Specialized products in general are not very helpful. For most people in most homes, the best way to be organized is to get rid of products, not to buy them. 

Feel free to put this on a tattoo or bumper sticker. 😉

Big news, I wrote an article on decluttering for@apartment therapy. It's in the organizing and cleaning section. "5 ways to trick yourself into decluttering your home" ✍️. 
Please leave a comment on their website if you read it 🥰
A beautiful winter day. 
Have a great weekend and don't forget to tell your people you love them.

.. .. .. .. 

I wrote a blog post about keeping your small, small business organized and getting it ready to grow. 🪴 Link in profile. 
Thanks for clicking and reading and supporting. 💜.
My #1 kitchen assistant, Marvin, asked me today, "Do you have any organizing routines you do in the morning which help our home stay more organized?"

Wow Marv! Thanks for asking. In fact I do! Every morning ASAP I empty our dishwasher. This sets us up for a cleaner kitchen all day. 


But Marvin already knew that because he helps every morning. 

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A whimsical painting I mentioned in the @apartmenttherapy house tour but it didn't make the photos. 

"Bob Baker Day" by @lois.keller who is an extraordinary painter in Los Angeles. 

Please check her out and buy her art! 
 - --_-_------------_-_-- -

I'm other news, NO MORE MASKS! I'm so excited about this I am just tingly in my body. Please, come and kiss me on the lips! 💋. 

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What mistake do people make most often when organizing?
 - - 
People give up on an organizing system or technique because they fall behind a little. Don't give up! 
If it has worked for you before, it works for you. Simplify it or just give yourself some grace about falling behind. Keep going, Friend. 

 💜. ♥️. 💙💚💛

📷 by @kaibyrd_ for @apartmenttherapy House tour. 
Amazing quilled artwork in my dining room by @1gabagirl ✨
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